Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope you guys had fun.  Were you all candied out? haha.  Let me guess, you all got a bunch of chocolate egg whoppers and ended up giving them all back to Mom.  That's why she buys them, you know.  haha just kidding.  I love you Mom.  You package didn't come!  I'm hoping it will be in the mailbox today.  Hermana Warner's mom sent a package that didn't get to us either, so we were both bummed together.  But, her aunt sent a random Easter package so we had a little something to celebrate with.  Plus, Sandra and Felipe celebrated FOR us!  There is a tradition here to drain the eggs and fill them with confetti and then smash them on each others head.  So when we went to our appointment with sandra and felipe they waited until after the closing prayer and then pulled out a bunch of those and WHACK!  right on the top of our heads.  We started running and screaming but they caught us and felipe took a couple and smashed them good in my hair.  I was pulling out eggshell and confetti all day long! haha.  it was funny.  We also went and had a special Easter dinner (shrimp can imagine how excited I was about that...) at a member's home.  Then we went to our second Easter Dinner at a different members home, which was a completely American meal, seeing as she is an American girl.  (in fact, she's the American girl that came on a mission here and then five years later married her investigator.  weird! hhaha)  But they're a really fun couple and she gave us a ton of clothes to go through so she's on the top of my "favorite people" list right now.  Plus, she fed us ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, ROLLS, and jello!  it's was so bizarre.  And so delicious! haha. Afterward, we went to the chapel to see a satellite showing of "Savior of the World" in Spanish, which was really cool.  Everyone loved it. And the best part was, we got to see all the Spanish missionaries.  I LOVE THAT!  a bunch of us are going bowling for p-day today.   it's going to be fun.  they're going down!

I don't' even know what to write about this week.  We had our "week of becoming"  which was cool.  One of the requirements was that we were with members from six o'clock on, every night of the week.  So it was good to work with them like that and really get to know them better.  We had a baptism on Saturday for one of the Elders' investigators who has been investigating for a YEAR now.  It was good to see him finally go under that water! He bore his testimony afterward and he was so solid.  He knows exactly what he just did.  We've been working a lot with a girl named April who has seen some really hard things in her life.  She wants to be baptized, but she didn't come to church yesterday because she had to go to the hospital with her mom, who is really really really sick.  I don't' know if she'll be ready for baptism before I go, but I hope so.  We're going to see what we can do.  It was actually kind of a somber week for us, missionary work wise.  Sometimes people like to unload on missionaries, and I don't blame them, because we're great secret keepers and we just sit there and listen and then offer consoling advice from the scriptures, so who doesn't want that in a time of crises?  but anyways.  There are some people that walk around with really heavy burdens.  And we talked to more than the usual amount of them this week.  It just makes me really grateful for the life and the family that I am going to be coming home to.  And the future that I have ahead of me!  The best is yet to be! haha.  But me and Warner are still living it up together.  I wish she could come home with me and live in my bedroom! haha.  She is really good when I start freaking out about the whole "going home from my mission" thing.

well, I'm sorry if this is a lame e-mail.  Next week's will probably be much worse, just to warn you! hahaha.  Alright.  I love you so much!~  Be good.  We get to talk on the phone soon! 



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