Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Annnnd....WE'RE BACK!

I had the most tiring, hilarious, fulfilling week!  So as you all know, I'm back with Warner...and I had forgotten how much I love her!  We are like two little girls at a sleepover all day every day. haha.  Last monday I lost my voice because we were talking so much!   I get to listen to Michael Jackson again (she sings in the shower). haha.  And it's really cool to be with her because she has changed a lot from the last time we were together.  Her spanish is incredible and she is a really good missionary.  i'm learning a lot from her.  She keeps saying, "my how the tables have turned!"  hahah because she's the one showing me around and introducing me to all the members and all that fun stuff that I was doing for her in Broadway 2.  I feel a little weird in this area though because I KNOW that I won't be staying.  So it's tempting to just let her drive everyday and just to follow her around, but I told her she can't let me do that.  I have to learn the area for myself.  It's a crazy area too.  It's the closest Hermana's area to downtown.  The elders in our ward are basically tracting in the shadows of the skyscrapers.  Lots of freeway driving, homeless bums, and taquerias!  We mostly tract houses, but they have ditches like cloverleaf! haha weird combination of the other areas...
We had a crazy week because on Friday we had a wedding and a baptism!  This was a couple that Hermana Warner and her last companion have been working with for about three months now, but they finally got everything arranged and we were the wedding planners!  Craziness, let me tell you.  That was the first wedding that I've actually PLANNED on my mission.  But it was great!  They looked amazing, they got married, and then they got baptized that same night!  They have two adorable little kids and they are already looking forward to the temple a year from now.  It's actually a really cool story.  They call it the story of the four Felipes. You ready for this?  Stay with me.  It starts with a man named Felipe (#1) who married a woman and had a son (Felipe #2).  They ended up getting divorced, and he married another woman and had another son (Felipe #3).  She passed away and he got back with the first wife, so now his two sons are friends.  Felipe #2 was a recent convert, and while showing Felipe #3 around town, he told him about the church.  The hermanas went to go visit Felipe #2 and his mom, because she hasn't gotten baptized yet but comes to church every week, and they met Felipe #3 and his girlfriend, Sandra.  Sandra loved the message and referred her family.  They happen to live out of our mission so we dont' know many details but the bottom line is, they ALL ended up getting baptized!  She and Felipe were just waiting until they could get married.  After ironing out some relationship issues, they finally decided to take the plunge, and as of April Fool's Day, they are officially Felipe (#3) and Sandra Chavez!  and mormons.  haha.  I know I know, you're all wondering where the fourth Felipe comes into play, right?  Did you remember that I told you they have two kids?  Well, their kids are Bryan and Valeria.  (cutest kids ever by the way)  so nope.  it's not a felipe jr. jr.  But while the Hermanas were teaching them, the Elders played a trick on them and told them that the dog's name was Felipe!  So they spent the whole three months calling it Felipe until finally Sandra asked them why and they said, "isn't that his name?" and she laughed way hard and said, "no!  why would we name him that?  we have enough of those as it is!"  So there you go:  fake Felipe # four.   And just to bring this gig full circle, Felipe #1 (who was totally against them getting baptized)  showed up to the wedding reception with his mariache band!  He is the lead singer.  (just don't tell our Bishop, who asked us to not have music at the reception since it was right after their baptism and he wanted to "keep it spiritual"  In our defence, we had no control over it.  And he was in Mexico visiting his sick mother so ...i don't think he knows. !)  Anyways, their reception was pretty rockin.  and they got frosting allllllllllllllll over hermana Warner's face after they cut the cake!  haha.  (maybe I was kinda glad they're not that close to me yet. haha)
Then, we had conference!  That was good.  It always is as a missionary.  My favorite part was that when we walked out between sessions, the Broadway 2 ward was there!  Do you guys remember Noel Ramirez?  Well he's been breaking my heart for about five months now because he quit going to church!  I've been writing him letters but that's all I could really do.  Well he was there!  and I got to talk to him in the foyer!  He said that he messed up and quit coming because he was ashamed, but now he realizes that he has been miserable these past five months.  He said the three months after his baptism were the happiest months of his life.  He said he has it in his heart to give everything he's got to coming back and staying.  That was so good to hear.  He was excited to see me and Warner together again.  So were a lot of the members.  One lady made us go over to the side of the foyer and she took our picture! haha she's so sweet.  It made me feel like I had Grandma Woodbury with me! hahah.  We need more of them in this world! 
We also had an investigator named Rosa who came to the conference.  I haven't taught her yet so I'm still just getting to know her but she seemed to like it.  That was her second time to the church. 
I've been really tired all week but it is such a good tired!  I feel like i can't wait to get out of the apartment in the morning because I know everything we touch is going to turn to gold!  I love the way Hermana Warner works.  She is high energy!  hahaha it's all I can do to keep up with her but I feel like this was the best "last transfer" situation I could have possibly chosen.  Life is so good!  Time is so short! I hope you all liked conference.  I thought it was awesome.  Can't we just freeze time?  haha when it goes fast like this, it scares me.  Alright, have a good week!  Spence...still waiting on that story. 
Love you!
thank you for your letters!

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