Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy one-month-left mark!

that is a weird thought.

here is a weird story:  So the weather here has been a little crazy lately.  Well, okay.  it has been hot.  and muggy.  (what else is new?) but the WIND has been crazy!  I think it's all of those 90 degree afternoons that get the wind going wild.  So the other day, Hermana Warner and I had been knocking a lot of doors and we took a break to eat our lunch in the park.  It got really hot and I got pretty sunburned and so we decided that we would swing by mcDonald's and get an ice-cream cone before heading back out.  (benefits from serving stateside and driving a car...:)  if anyone says ANYTHING about any sort of diet...that's what I thought.) so there I sat with my little ice-cream cone and I was facing my sweet little companion and we were talking and then through the window behind her I saw a little old homeless man in a dirty little wheelchair, wheeling up to the door which was immediately to my right.  In anticipation of his struggle to open the door and wheel himself through, I  jumped up (ice-cream cone in one hand) and grabbed the door for him.  But it went terribly wrong.  He must have thought I was trying to get out, so he told me to go ahead... so I went out and then held the door with one hand (cone in the other) and whooooooosh!  A huge gust of wind....right under my skirt!!!!  Next thing I know, I'm smearing ice cream all over my skirt, which is now somewhere around my ears, while i'm trying to pull it down without dropping the door on the poor little homeless man!  And of course a cute trendy young black couple comes walking up and witnesses the whole thing.  I went back inside, covered in ice-cream, to a rolling-with-laughter companion who had just seen it all through the window.  And she told me that I had done "a lot more than just open the door for that man."  hahaha oops!  We had to walk past him on the way out and he had a bit of a creepy grin on his face.  HELLO MCDONALDS!  I am the girl with the white shorts.

so that was weird.  and not very spiritual.

But we had a really cool miracle this week, speaking of spiritual things.  I dont' know how much attention you pay to my investigators that I write about (John, you keep an area book at home with details about them in it, right?) but about a YEAR ago exactly, we met a woman named Angelica.  (we being me and harry) We found her knocking during a four hour knocking session in the middle of what president lovingly called the "week of sacrifice" which was the week of easter and which has now become the "week of becoming" so yeah, we're doing it again this year.  anyways, she was someone we met during all that.  She was so amazing and she felt the spirit so strong!  She was pregnant at that time with her first child, and the only reason she didn't get baptized was because she wanted to do it together with her husband and he wouldn't go to church with her.  she came to a few activities and even came to sacrament meeting once but we had to drop her because she really wouldn't do it without him.  Well this past Sunday, Hermana Warner and I were walking into the chapel to go to our correlation meeting and I saw a car that looked exactly like angelica's. ( warner and I were the ones that really taught her, harry adn i just found her together) I told Warner "hey look!  angelica's here." and she said "don't' even tease me" and tried to smack me.  I just laughed and said, "can you even imagine if she were just here?? that would be so cool!"  Well... fast forward about twenty minutes and I'm sitting on the piano in sacrament meeting for Broadway 2 (turns out our ward mission leader didn't show up for correlation and I got roped into playing for them even though they're not my ward anymore because i love them and they don't have anyone else who plays...) So there I am playing the sacrament hymn and I see this little family walk into the back of the chapel out of the corner of my eye.  I turned to get a closer look and it was ANGELICA and her husband Marcos and her eight month old baby girl jacquelin!  oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THEY CAME! hahahha I just about fell off the piano bench.  I have to confess, I hardly paid any attention during the sacrament, I just kept looking at her and smiling and looking at warner who was making huge eyes at me on the pew behind them and I just wanted to jump or cry or something!  That was the coolest thing ever.  After the meeting, she came running up to me in the foyer to show me her doll of a baby girl.  That was the first time they had both come together.  It was cool.  God is good.  planting seeds!  that's what I'm talking about!  I KNEW she was good.

This has been a crazy week.  I feel so weird lately.  It's a lot like the four weeks before my mission.  You just kinda want to either be staying forever or to be gone.  Because everyone starts talking about the future and your future is just a big blank spot in your mind and it's just weird.  You emotionally detach.  But that's okay.  it's all a part of the process I guess.  I think the best way I could possibly describe what I'm going through right now would be to say that I feel like I do when I've been water skiing for a really long  time and I'm exhausted, but I just hit a beautiful patch of glass and I don't want to let go.  You know that feeling?  So you just keep cutting and then pretty soon you have to stop in between cuts and just lean backwards and drag a hand in the spray to rest it, and the let boat pull you for a second until you can catch your breath and hunker down for another cut.  That feeling? yeah.  that's how I feel right now.  I am so tired.  I don't WANT to stop, but I NEED to stop soon.  Every night it's like I drop into my bed completely dead (dragging that hand in the spray!) and opening the door the next morning is going out for a few more cuts on beautiful glass!  It's a good feeling.  but exhausting.  So that's about where I'm at.

Alright.  I love you all a whole lot. Have a good week! Take advantage of the last few chances you have to write me a letter!  my mailbox has been a little dusty lately! haha (i wish I could say jk right now, but that wouldn't be true.)

love love love!


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