Thursday, November 12, 2009


Okay I don't have much time right now but my companion said we'll come back and do e-mails tomorrow. she just had to check something so I thought I'd let you know that I landed safely, that I am with a great companion and I loved getting to know my Mission President, that my pday is on wednesday but since yesterday was veteran's day, all the libraries were closed so they didn't get to do their e-mail, which is why we'll do it tomorrow. Yesterday was a long day but today I'm doing much better- we already taught two lessons this morning! My companion is named Hermana Flores and she's from Mexico. Okay I dont' know how much time I have but I'll start at the beginning and stop when she says we have to go so you might have a cliff-hanger but I"ll finish tomorrow.

After I got off the phone yesterday, we went and boarded the plane. Except the elder from my district, Elder Bench, didn't get on! he was still on the phone with his family i guess- so he ended up missing the flight. So that was scary/weird but he came in on the next flight. I want to talk to him and see how that happened. Anyways our Mission President was right there iwth his wife and APs to meet us! That was why I couldn't call...I"m sorry. But they gave us hugs/handshakes and seemed so excited to meet us. We got all our bags loaded up into vans and then the President had the sisters go in the van with him and we all drove to get some texas barbeque! It was so yummy. And i was SO hungry! It's about seventy or seventy five degrees here - it's so weird, it feels like spring! But it's beautiful- really green, kinda like dc. NO MOUNTAINS though! AFter the barbeque, we went to the mission home which is huge and beautiful, and we took pictures and had interviews with the president - he just told me how much he loved me and welcome home! he said you're home for the holidays- just in time. And said that if I ever needed anything he would be happy to help- he said he was the dad of the mission (then he said that the brethren tell him not to say that but he watned me to know that he loved me). As a gruop, we tlaked about keeping our apartments clean (cockroaches! ahhh) and safety driving...all the boring stuff. One elder fell asleep and he was drooling all over his tie. haha. Then they brought our companions to meet us which was way intense! I could see that only two were hermanas so that narrowed it down. Both were really pretty but one was gringa and the other native. I obviously got the native, seeing as I told you she's from mexico! Which is going to be a huge blessing for me because she'll help me with my spanish- but she speaks really good english too. and she wants to run every day! haha so we're a good match. She is a really good missinoary. It's kindof intimidating, but she has a lot of confidence in me too so that helps. We live alone in a little apartment in Pasadena! so weird. haha I can't believe I'm actually here. It's weird to have everyone leave and it's just the two of us. The church puts a lot of trust in their missionaries. But after our meeting at the mission home, we went to the mission office to pick up the new bikes (mine is still in storage but brother stelse said he can tell why dad is a bishop and he feels like he bonded with me through talking to him. he said he'll take care of me- thanks so much dad! I got the helmet and lock and everything. Love you) And then we ran to the church to drop off a book of mormon to the ward mission leader, who was baptized a year ago. he spoke really fast but it was fun to meet him. h. Flores said all the members are really excited to meet me. I think this might be her last transfer of her mission- she wouldn't say exactly but I think it is. Okay so then we finally went home and did planning for today and I couldn't believe how many lessons she had planned! Two this morning and more this afternoon. But she showed me this huge board they have on the wall that they write all the investigators names on and there were a bunch at the bottom (contacts and referrals) a few in the middle (progressing investigators) and four at the top (baptismal dates!) So that was exciting. I didn't realize how many people you teach at once. It's confusing but I think I'll figure it out. It helps to put a face to the names. Then I just unpacked and got things looking homey. It's way better than the MTC dorms. haha our apt. is pretty dingey but not too much worse than DC. okay maybe a little. haha. but I feel fine walking around in bare feet! Then I went to bed and to be honest, I was thinking "what the heck am I doing here. WHY did I want to serve a mission again?" It was really scary. My companion seemed to know so much and to love the work so much and I just felt like I was nothing like that. I"m still way nervous but this morning helped me a lot.

okay i've got to go but I"ll write more tomorrow if I can. forward this to jess, i can't remember her address. and spence!

love you