Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last. Email. Ever.

Are you ready for this?

LAST EMAIL.  ever.

haha and so begins my week of "lasts!"  Everyone keeps asking me how I feel.  It's reminding me of when I opened my call.  I just say, "weird."  and then I sit there in an awkward silence.  haha no jk.  i try to accurately portray the conglommeration of nostalgic, frightful, anxious homesickness, mixed with an "i'm going to disneyland" feel of seeing my family again and moments of terrible, nauseating, "i'm leaving my mission" realizations.  It's impossible to communicate.  But I feel like I swallowed something way too big for my throat and there's something alive in my stomach.  It's easier not to think about how I feel, but everyone keeps asking me about it! hahaha

This was a good work week though.  We met a woman named Rosa that I am sure is going to get baptized.  She lives in the apartment right below one of our recent converts and she was sitting out on her patio one night and he noticed she looked sad so he started talking to her.  She lives here alone - all of her family is in california- and her husband died two months ago.  It's really sad.  He started talking to her about the gospel and she told him that she had been meeting with missionaries in California but stopped once she moved here.  She has already read most of 1st Nephi and she prayed asking God if this is what He wants from her.  She said that her husband had been telling her that they needed to find a church to go to and so after he died she told him that he should send her someone to point her in the right direction.  Next thing she knows, we're sitting on her couch.  She's pretty sick though, she has kidney problems, so she didn't feel well enough to come to church yesterday.  bummer.  but we'll get her feeling better and then she'll be good to go.  It was interesting because she was describing how she has felt these last two months and she was saying she feels empty.  I can't wait for her to feel the spirit and have it fill up all that emptiness inside of her!  She needs it.  She is a really good lady.

We had fun this week, too.  The elders don't get fed much in this ward so Hna. Warner and I volunteered to make them dinner on Sunday.  (it actually happened because they heard us planning out the dinners we were going to make that week last p-day and then one of them was like, "you make actually dinners?" and...yeah. hhaahaha we took pity on those ramen-noodle/cereal eaters.)  So we made them sunday roast!  with mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls!  hahaha i know.  it was so yummy.  we even had brownies and ice cream to top it off.  They came over and sat on our steps because they're not allowed inside our apartment but it was way fun.  (really hot though.  we were all sweating.  gross.  it felt like a swimming pool outside yesterday.  today is much better)  And for the record, I think we're the best hermanas in the mission. haha.  And I think they agree because we had a nice heart-to-heart with one of the companionships and we were let in on quite a few of their secrets.  Let me just say one thing:  the human drama that happens in a mission will blow your mind.  Hermana Warner and I like to tell each other that everyone in our mission is taking crazy pills except for us.  After what went down this week, we just looked at eachother and said "CRAZY PILLS!"  haha but i'll explain all that when I get home.  (indoor plumbing...it's gonna be big)

Tonight we are going on exchanges and i'm going back to Broadway 2 with Hermana Warner's baby, Hermana Naufahu.  She's is my grandbaby.  that's right.  I'm kinda scared though, in all honesty.  She's a scary hermana. haha. but it should be good.  I'm excited to get to be back in that area for a day.

Today is zone p-day and we're getting together with two other zones and having a waterfight!  I can't wait.  It is going to be SO much fun.  Such a great last p-day for me!  haha I get to see everyone I know and love pretty much.

and then I begin my LAST week!  ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  I hope everyone is buckled in tight and ready for awkward RM Becca to be back in their lives.  In preparation, I think I'll list a few things that might happen, just so that you're not shocked and appalled at me when i get back.

don't be suprised if...

-I have a sudden fear of being left alone in a room, even for a moment.
-I cringe when you turn on the radio
-I say things like "this skirt isn't THAT bad" because it only has one hole in it.
-I make dumb scriptural jokes that only missionaries think are funny
-I schedule out what I'm doing each hour of each day and have a running "to do" list
-I ask for a comp inventory if you're getting on my nerves
-I wear long sleeves and long pants and any reference to my large, white body in a bathing suit makes me cry!
-I jump out of the car saying, "i'll back you"
-I write down funny things that happen "to write about on Monday"
-I finish every conversation with "is there anything we can do for you?"
-I listen to spanish music and forget random english words
-I start to sweat whenever I see an airplane
-I try to share my testimony in awkward situations

alright, the list could go on forever but I am out of time!  I won't tell you which of the above mentioned might really be true.  haha.  Just be ready for anything! haha jk i am SO EXCITED to talk to you guys on sunday and to SEE you on Tuesday!  I love you so much!  Thanks for all the love, support, and letters.  you are the best!



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