Monday, April 18, 2011


I know what you're all thinking... that's not spanish!  That's the thing.  We had a luau this week!  We had a crazy week actually.  We had a luau, a Relief Society program, and a shotgun baptism!

Luau:  So the Hermanas in Broadway 2 are Hermana Lealaisalanoa and Hermana Naufahu.  (yeah, picture the mexicans trying to say THOSE names!  They can't even say Tingey! hahaah it's always fun to hear them try).  But Lea is from Samoa and Naufahu is from Tonga.  So they put together this huge luau ward party with cultural food, music, and dances.  They wanted us to come and bring investigators/recent converts/ less active members and to help them serve the food.  I had so much fun!  I'm sending pictures.  The best part was the dancing.  They taught a bunch of members how to do hawaiian dances and then they had the Elders do the hauka (spelling?  i know that's probably way off).  And they had some Hawaiian members from the area come and do a legit series of real dances which were amazing!  I felt like I was right back at the PHI summer luau, watching Sarah get peer-pressured into eating a pig's eyeball!  haha not quite...but almost.  There was one dance that was kinda funny.  The girls had this big red furry thing on their hips in the back and they would shake it all over.  I was laughing so hard!  Especially because all the Elders were sitting behind us with their jaws on the floor.  That was a little much for us missionaries.  But we had a fun time.  haha.

Relief Society Program:  Anyone heard of Woman At the Well?  Our Relief Society put it on this week.  It's a musical program about women in Christ's life.  Anyways, Yours Truly was the pianst for it.  (see picture)  It was really fun, but took way too much pros time. (Sarah, you're fine!  Missionaries love their pros time, okay? haha) I think Hermana Warner has special blessings reserved for her in heaven for sitting through all the musical programs out here.  She comes from a very musical family and has a very sensitive ear.  I don't think she heard a right note the whole night! haha but it's amazing how strong the spirit can be in those things, regardless of musical talent. haha.  It was a nice night.  They worked really hard and it came together well.  I'm pretty much the stake pianist now.  I played for THREE sacrament meetings yesterday.  Yeah.  I guess Bonnie was right all along.  Thank you, my dear mother, for making me practice! hahaha

which brings me to...

Shot-gun Baptism:  That actually took place this morning!  I KNOW.  on p-day!  Last night, the Elders found out that their baptismal candidate who was scheduled to be baptized next saturday, just got a job in El Salvador and he was leaving today for the next four months.  They called president and he said to go ahead and try to get him baptized today if possible.  A billion phone calls later, he was on for a baptismal interview, and service, and a confirmation this morning before he left!  The seminary kids turned on the font for us at five in the morning.  The whole morning was what could be called a Series of Unfortunate Events.  Hermana Warner and I set our alarm wrong so it didn't go off so we didn't get our laundry in until seven.  Then, the machine in our complex was busy so we had to go to the washateria down the street.  Turns out, they're way expensive and we didn't have enough quarters so we had to drive to the car wash to get more quarters, then mid way through our laundry cycle, up to our elbows in cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floor, the elders call us and say "he's at the church right now, can you come get us asap?"  So our laundry got left in the dryer, we threw our hair back into ponytails and spritzed some perfume, and next thing we know we're setting up the relief society room for a baptismal service.  The water in the font was all green for some reason, and someone had locked the accordian doors that cover the font from the viewers and we didn't have a key...the list goes on.  One elder was trying to pick the lock with a paper clip and the rest were running around finding white clothes and people to speak on the spot.  When all was said and done, I think this was actually one of the sweetest, most spiritual baptismal services I've been a part of.  We had a fairly good turn out and we never got the door unlocked so we all just crowded into the bathrooms to see him baptized from the side.  We were all smiling at eachother and sorta metaphorically shaking our heads at the crazy situations we find ourselves in during this whole mission gig.  Like our zone leader, Elder Jex said, "another buck wild morning as a missionary."  so true.  Unforgettable experience though.

Well that was my week in a nutshell.  Hermana Warner and I have so much fun together, it really shouldn't be allowed.  We got ourselves "trunked out of our minds" talking about going salsa dancing once we're both home.  (that's the thing.  we're mexican now. )  We both agreed that we need to come back and go dancing with some of the young adults out here.  They go all the time and it sounds so fun!  Anyways, I can't stop thinking about May 10th!  I got a letter from President today telling me that on Monday of that week we'll be doing FHE at the mission home and then on Tuesday we're going to a 10:00 session at the temple and then heading to lunch and the airport!  That sounds and even kinda feels so unreal to me right now.  But it's coming!  ready or not.  Alright I love you guys!  Have a good week!  HAPPY EASTER!

love love love


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