Monday, January 3, 2011


Hey eberyone:
WHAT?!   It is 2011.  I left for my mission in 2009.  and now here I am in my FOURTH area with my EIGHTH companion, in my ELEVENTH transfer.  things just get weirder and weirder.  That's right.  I'm no longer in the ghetto cloverleaf.  Now I am in the ever ghetto-er Jacinto City, with the railroad tracks mere feet from our apartment door.  (okay maybe more like yards...)  with the trains choo chooing, and the stray cats meowing, and the ever so lovely hermana Gibson saying things like "epic," and "Riiiight?"  haha.  It's going to be a good transfer!   This new area actually borders my cloverleaf area and the branch meets in the same building as my old ward so I haven't strayed too far.  It will be nice to get to still see everyone on sundays.  That was a hard goodbye for me yesterday - harder than I expected.  I dont' know if my spanish is getting better or if i'm just gradually assimilating the mexican culture but I connected with the people in that ward better than any other.  I think partly because Hna. Keele helped me relax a little and be myself more around the members and investigators.  But yeah, I don't like that.  So I hope they don't move me anymore.  Next move I want to be coming to Holladay Utah!  (everyone pray that I get three transfers here, in other words haha.)  No i'd be happy to do whatever, but i'd be most happy to stay.  Anyway you look at it, a mission is full of goodbyes.  Elder Bentley is going home to Manti Utah today.  Sad! 
So Hermana Gibson:  She's a Las Vegas-er, and get this: she has her degree as a LIBRARIAN.  yeah, is that the coolest thing ever or what?  So right off the bat, she and I have a lot in common.  I was unpacking and I told her that I didn't even know how to "go about" unpacking, and she got a kick out of that.  She said she loved my vocabularly so let's see if I can stump her here in the future.  It'll be a challenge.  She's hialrious.  Very very social.  haha.  i'll email a picture.  We're in a four-missionary district.  (some call it a "double-date district")  with Elder Gardner (my friend from Broadway 2!) and Elder Archuletta.  No, he doesn't sing.  haha.  but i think we'll all get along. 
It was a crazy week trying to work around New years and president calling a "specialized training meeting" where he announced our next big thing (church tours!) and then of course, the rumors flying about transfers. 
One funny story from yesterday:  We went to lunch at an Hermana's house with two of the elders and she got talking about "what if an elder and an hermana fell in love on the mission"  (let me tell you, our favorite topic.....) and then she dared to take it one step further and said "for example.  What if you (pointing at elder peterson) fell in love with her (pointing at me!) and had to go home before her and then you'd have to wait ALL that time for her to get home.  That would be so hard.  and so romantic."  THANKS HERMANA.  Yours truly was trying to hide behind her cup, blushing five thousand shades of red.  haha but luckily Elder Peterson thought it was all pretty funny (he just wiggled his eyebrows at me across the table) and so we gave eachother bones when we got in the car afterwards.  that's to us falling in love.  Why do members have to do that?  For anyone who might be reading this:  DON'T TALK OPENLY ABOUT LOVE WITH MISSIONARIES.  we don't like it!  it is awkward for us.  We don't want to fall in love with ANY of the elders out here!
anyways.  that was my awkward moment for the week. 
Cute moment:  Our recent convert Carlos Guzman gave us each these really blinging diamond and jewel necklaces for Christmas.  It was so sweet of him!  He said he had been thinking and thinking and didn't know what to get us.  We all wore them to church yesterday.  I love follow- up teaching recent converts! 
Fernando blessed the sacrament yesterday and Carlos passed.  He said he was kinda nervous (and he kinda messed up but tha'ts okay- the hermanos were talking him through it)  He did great.  That was a cool way to leave the area. 
Oh my gosh I have so much on my mind right now but so little time.  I love you all and I hope you had a great new year.  Resolutions everyone!  And this time we really ARE going to do it! haha best of luck.  Happy 2011! 

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