Monday, January 31, 2011

Apollo 13 anyone?

So big news of the week:  TODAY WE WENT TO NASA!  That was so cool!  I think we all came out of there wanting to be astronauts! haha.  But i'm sending some pictures with this email so you can see where I was this morning!   crazy.  Dad and Spence, you especially would have loved it.  We need to come back.  Maybe this fall?  Let me know what you think.  But anyways, that's why I'm late today.  Sorry about that.  We got picked up this morning by our ward mission leader and drove through a really really thick white fog to NASA, which is technically outside our mission boundaries.  We went on a tour of some of the actual buildings that they use today and we saw the old mission control room with all the equipment from the Apollo 11 mission.  All very cool.  But now we're back on our territory and trying feverishly to finish everything we need to do before six o clock. haha. so goes mission life.  But I'm not going to lie, I've got a craving to see Apollo 13 again. haha. 
The other picture I'm sending is of me and Hermana Cannon.  I know it's hard to see, but she's got this nasty looking Y on her shirt. haha that's right.  she's a huge BYU fan.  We'll forgive her.  But we had an exchange this week so we had to take the picture.  She's down to her last two weeks in the mission field...which is weird, becuase she and I flew out together...but I always wished we could be companions and never got the chance.  We'll have to satisfy ourselves with that quick exchange.  Mom and Dad, or at least Mom and whoever of the kids wants to go...I'd love it if you could go to her homecoming.  It will be on February 20, and her church building is at 12300s. 700e.  I'm not sure what time but I got her mom's number :  801-571-8092.  Her mom's name is Carolyn. I really hope you can go.  I really look up to this girl.  She is probably the best missionary I've ever served with/around.  Give her a big hug for me and tell her I already miss her! haha. 
So we've been putting a big emphasis lately on doing church tours, and the other day we met a man and his stepson, had a first lesson with them, then invited them on a tour for later that same day...and they came!  The man's name is Lupe (i know, I thought it was a girl's name too, but turns out...) and his stepson is hector.  The tour went great, we were able to get a member to come with us and the spirit was strong and we felt way good about it.  But then, we went back to teach them again and we realized how truly cool Lupe is.  He had just had surgery on his eye so he wasn't able to read the Book of Mormon, but he made his three sons come in and listen to us and he told them that he really hopes and prays that they can all come to our church because he hadn't even been to services yet but he feels a peace there.  He also said they need to all read the Book of Mormon.  he said there was probably a better life waiting for them and they needed to give it a shot.  So after that amazing could they say no to baptism?  They all agreed to be baptized... yeah.  pretty sweet.  We dont' have baptismal dates for them yet, but that is a good start.  Lupe came to church yesterday and he really enjoyed it.  He talked about bringing everyone next week.  Sounds pretty golden to me!
Our other prime baptismals candidate, manuel, also came to church yesterday and he is so in love with this church right now! haha he was actually SMILING.  which is huge for manuel.  He is one of those people that has a really really dark look about him.  But he is changing.  He shaved his facial hair yesterday, which sounds silly but i swear that's a sign that he's accepting the gospel.  (that and the sudden desire to feed the missionaries.  he's not quite there yet.  But soon...)  He told me as he walked out that "we have lots to talk about."  hahaha i'm assuming that's a good thing. 
So the work is going great!  Me and Hermana Gibson are trying to do "transferology" and find out what the chances are that President actually leaves us together for the next two transfers.  Wherever inspiration sends us I guess...but we really wouldn't mind!  But it would be pretty epic to go out two of us together.  She calls it a "murder - suicide."  who knows! 
I hope you all have a good week and hey!  write me this week!  okay thanks.
love love love

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