Monday, December 27, 2010

Mexican/Asian Christmas

my dearest of dear loonies...
okay!  that phone call just stoked the fire.  It's really not nice the way they do that to us.  haha but it was so good to hear from everyone!  I'm sorry I talked way too much.  Next time i'm taping my mouth shut and just listening to all y'all tell me how much you love and miss me.  haha.  So did you all get off and analyze me?  What was the verdict? Am I weird?  haha.  or just fatter than you thought... hahah which leads me into:  thanks so much for the presents!  I felt like I had the Mary Poppins package...I just kept pulling things out of it!  and then me and my companions would ooh and ahh over whatever it was and we'd all try it on (the jewelry at least) and so it was exciting.  I told my companions that it's not fair that my family sends me a skirt that is too small for me and a bunch of candy all in the same package... talk about mixed messages.  haha jk it was all perfect.  Jessica.  That shirt was inspired.  I can't wait to wear it around all the zoobies on p-day.  Spence, your letter made my whole week.  I think missionaries are happier with mail and pictures than with anything else you can give them.  Sarah, I've already gotten a lot of compliments on the scarf, and I was actually looking at THAT VERY SCARF in the store the other day and wanted to buy it so bad but couldn't afford it so way to go.  we are so in touch.  The magnet is adorable and it's perfect because we have our bookcase sitting on our study table against the wall... (can you picture that? ) but anyways it's metal so I magnet up a bunch of pictures on the side of it and i was needing more cute magnets.  perfect!  John, the cd is amazing.  very inspiring.  Thank you thank you!  And as for Daddy and Mommy Warbucks...holy cow!  Did you realize how many price tags you left hanging on the stuff you gave me? haha.  you guys are in trouble.  It was all very cute stuff.  I love the pink flower ring.  darling.  i have the cutest jewelry of anyone in the mission.  it's just a shame that I serve in cloverleaf where I can't wear it so it only comes out for special occasions, but hey, i have something new to wear every zone conference.  Nice work picking it out.  You nailed it.  And MaryJane!  I love you, and i'm starting to wonder how busy a 12 year old can be?  haha but knowing you i'm sure it's legit.  Just don't forget my name before I come back. 
So Christmas was wonderful.  On Christmas Eve we went caroling with the English elders, which sorta feels like fraternizing with the enemy...and so then we bailed and headed over to a Christmas dinner at the Palomo's house.  They had a TON of people there and they had a whole Christmas program first, which included going around the room and bearing our testimonies, whether or not we were members of the church.  it was actually really cool.  And then we just ate ourselves silly.  Mexican Christmas food means tamales and pozole (a type of soup) and bunuelos (a fried flour tortilla dipped in cinnamon sugar...heaven in a tortilla) and champurado (hot chocolate with corn flour in it...there's more to it than that but it's also very good).  They even had  presents for us!  (gloves and toe socks) and the kids had written us some cards and stuck them in the christmas tree. 
Christmas day we got up and opened presents, then did our studies and then the Jacinto City hermanas came over for breakfast and we cooked bacon and mom's cinnamon/marshmallow/croissant things and german pancakes and eggnog and everything good.  it was really fun and we took up our whole lunch hour doing that. haha.  The crazy part is, between the five of us hermanas, we all go home on the same day!  So we're pretty close and we got laughing pretty hard all together.  AFter that we went out and worked until it was time to call the family. The Bishop's wife had us eat first (talk about tension...we were all so anxious to get on those phones!) but she made a complete meal of seafood, which not one of us likes.  haha.  it was really sweet of her though, it was a really nice meal - fish soup, crab legs, shrimp, and some weird tentacle salad.  Here's my thought process:  when I turned in my papers I had two stipulations for God:  I didnt' want to go asian and I didnt' want to go stateside.  (The asian thing was purely because of the food choices. )  Well...I went stateside and here I am trying to be positive and telling myself that AT LEAST I will never have to eat all that weird asian stuff...hahahahaha!  it's just so ironic.  Merry Christmas.  (spencer, that's a direct quote from you. )  Oh the best part of that visit was that they have two kids, an eighteen year old boy and a sixteen year old girl, and they're all really shy and quiet, and we're all really shy and quiet, and to top it off, the boy brought his girlfriend and she only speaks english so then if i could ever think of anything to say I didn't know whether to say it in spanish or in english...haha but it reminded me of the awkwardness of meeting your boyfriend's family and I wanted to laugh at that girl and tell her "i bet you're wishing you were on a mission right now." haha but i think she was having fun anwyays.  But Bishop and his wife all of a sudden busted out awesome english!  So that was entertaining.  They must really like this girl because they were pretty eager to make her feel comfortable.  they NEVER speak english.  great accents.  feliz navidad.
After dinner and talking to the family we met up with the elders from our district and went caroling (in spanish this time) to our investigators and members of our ward. Very cold.  But fun. 
So there's all Holiday the details.  Yesterday was such a great pay day because Fernando passed the sacrament! hahah he did a great job.  And he had the biggest grin on his face the whole time.  Next week he's blessing it.  I can't wait.  haha. 
This morning we had to clean out an elders apartment because they just moved and they needed help cleaning out their old apt.  NASTY.  And as i'm staring at their mold encrusted, rusty, grime and germ collecting toilet, I made eye contact with one of the elders with a horrified look on my face and we both started laughing and then I said where's your toilet bowl cleaner elder? and he said "what's that?" and that says it all.  So we found it finally in the back of the cupboard, completely full, and I got that toilet looking great in no time.  But let me say this:  That is true love right there.  And I told Elder Peterson that.  And he agreed.  (why wouldn't he, when someone's cleaning your bathroom for you, you don't disagree with them about anything!) But in the end, it was worth it because they let us take their cute clock and their full length mirror.  Oh the joy of mission apartments. 
But hey, i'm out of time but i love you and i'll try to email some pictures next week. sorry.  i left my camera in the car and dragging three of us off computers and out to the parking lot is just a lot of effort.  But anyways.,  You guys are SO LOVED!  hahah (don't tell president)  I can't wait to hear from ALL of you (cough cough) this week.  and if i don't, then i'll just keep waiting.  Thanks for supporting me - i think we're actually going to make it!  hahah keep the prayers coming. 

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