Monday, January 10, 2011

"that's a little creepy..."

Where do I start? 
Hermana Gibson:  is the funniest thing I've ever encountered.  I don't think I've stopped laughing since we got together.  She is very dry and witty and I've almost wet my pants like three times in the last week.  She has this habit of saying something HILARIOUS right as I knock a door so then i'm standing there losing it on the porch when they open!  haha.  it's so bad.  prayers are impossible.  Let me illustrate what I mean by giving you an example.  We went to knock a referral's door and there was a weather beaten catholic statue of Christ in their front yard, but we noticed as we walked up that the HEAD to the statue was sitting on the ground about a foot from the statue. She said, "that's a little creepy..." then asked me to cover her while she grabbed the head.  I told her no and knocked the door.  while waiting, she asked (whispering) "do you think it happened naturally?  or did someone have a moment of terrible vengeance? " haha.  The lady wasn't home, but we came back later and the head had been glued back on but instead of setting it upright on the neck, they had just set it so that the back of the head rested on the neck.  She made this hilarious shudder noise and said, "look at's grotesque!"  but then she just giggles and it makes me laugh so hard.  now that i type it out it's probably not that funny but you had to be there.  She's funny.  And she loves star wars (wears a shirt to bed) and lord of the rings, and she thinks the stripling warriors are hot.  ("don't mind if i DO" she says.)  and on top of that she's a really good missionary too.  which brings me to the next subject:
my area:  is actually made up of two different areas smashed together.  Jacinto City and Galena park.  We've been working mostly in galena park because hna. gibson said they never got out there last transfer and we feel like it's a gold mine.  It used to be an elders area but now it's ours due to lack of elders, and wow is it creepy.  Every area has a bit of a different personality  - for example, cloverleaf was ghetto in a colorful, crazy way.  Galena park has a strange, "sleepy-hollow"-like feel.  I told Gibson I feel like we're driving through a ghost town, even though there are people out.  It looks like something out of the fifties, back when it was probably full of white families whose dads worked at NASA and the moms stayed home and swept the back porch in their aprons.  Now it's all rusted over and the demographic has completely changed.  In fact, the elder we called who last worked there told us (in reference to a certain family's house) "you'll know you're on the right street because the brothas will be out selling drugs."  how right he was.  One side of the train tracks is Mexican, and the other side is black, and we're the only white girls for miles around.  people literally STARE us down.  That same elder advised us to buy pepper spray and only go to that part of the area in the middle of the day...that's what HE did.  oh thanks Elder Bench!  that's so're a bulky, full grown man.  we two fragile females will be just fine, i'm sure.  haha no.  In all honesty, we have to be careful, but we feel safe.  (okay mom?  we're great).  The Jacinto City side of the area is great.  Lot's of hispanics.  And everyone knows us in both areas and looks out for us.  It has this great small-town feel.  And the best part is, we've got a great view of downtown.  amazing.
We've had some cool miracles this week though.  We met two old investigators that the elders had been working with and set baptismal dates with them!  One man is named Ricardo and he kissed the Book of Mormon the first time the elders went with him!  the only reason he hasn't been baptized yet is becuase his work schedule wouldn't permit him time to come to church...but now that we've changed times with the new year that won't be a problem anymore!  sweet.  He seems awesome.  he talks really fast and he knows it but i think he's secretly impressed by how much we understand. haha. 
we've been finding lots of new families to teach!  things are going great.  My district is great, we're supposed to get a new car soon, the members feed us every couldn't get any better!  I will think of some hilarious Hermana Gibson stories to share next week.  But for now, I hope you're all doing great and I hope that somebody will please explain to me what all this computer talk is!  I have no idea what's going on and everyone keeps referencing it like I do.  haha love you guys, but I feel really out of touch with your lives when you do that! hahaha guess i've been gone a while...but anyways!  love you all, have a great week.
p.s.Sister Moldenhauer convinced President to let us go to NASA!  The man may be the head of the (mission), but the woman is the neck and can turn the head any ways she wants... i mean...  gibson and i are way excited.

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