Monday, November 29, 2010

Just another day in THE life:

Happy P-day!  I hope Mom's birthday went well, I hope she didn't go too crazy having everyone over on Thanksgiving, and I hope you're all sitting anxiously on the edges of your seats and staring with wide eyed anticipation into the empty void of your computer screen, just waiting for me to send this email so you can read it.  I know you're all really worried about what goes on in my life in this little corner of the world.  Don't worry, I'll send it in about a half an hour.  Whipe that sweat off your brow.

This has been a crazy/amazing/unforgettable week in THE mission.  (said with emphasis.  like you mean it)  That's probably because we had TWO baptisms this week.  Plus we got a new companion (the ever-fashionable Hermana Case) and we ate ourselves silly at two dinner appointments on Thanksgiving.  That's all. 

Our first baptism was Fernando.  haha I really can't believe that that kid is actually a mormon.  We had him in our phone under "atheist Fernando" and so now we need to switch it to "mormon Fernando."  haha.  he did it all in true Fernando flavor, but he got baptized!  He has been so happy.  Especially yesterday at church.  I've never seen him like that.  We had talked about taking the sacrament (because he would never take it and asked us if he HAD to take it after he was baptized...punk) and yesterday I was watching him from my perch on the stand by the piano.  He took the bread, looked right up at me, ate it, then laughed when he caught me looking at him and looked back down.  That laugh was worth a million dollars in my book.  DONE.  covenant made. He told us afterwards that he wants the priesthood (and that his "ultimate goal" was eternal marriage).  I told my companions that we need to teach him that the Priesthood power is not HIS power, it is GOD'S power...and then he called us up and asked what he would be able to DO once he got the priesthood. haha.  point proven.  one step at a time.

Carlos was our other baptism!  Do ya'll remember Carlos?  you may not.  But he accepted baptism on his first lesson and we were way excited about him until he told us he was moving to Mexico.  FALSE.  well, not entirely.  But he didn't go yet.  We ended up teaching him lessons 2, 3, and 4 this past week because we realized the bishop was willing to baptize and confirm him on the same day (saturday) which was also the day he would leave for Mexico!  Turns out he didn't even leave so we rushed it for nothing but that's okay.  He's baptized.  And he's so great.  After church yesterday he came up to me and asked how he pays his tithing so I got to go help him fill out his slip, which I've never done before, and I thought that was such a cool experience.  He is a great man. 

okay, next item of business: Thanksgiving.  So President gave us a "p-day" for thanksgiving... which basically was no different than any other day for us because we went to teach carlos in the morning, then headed to our meal appointment with Hector and Esperanza.  After we were completely stuffed silly, we went home and took a quick nap and then headed back out to our next meal appointment, with the Mendez family.  This one was SO much fun because a bunch of the other hermanas were there (not hermana warner, but don't ask her about it, because her district leader wouldn't give her permission to leave her area even though she got invited and she's pretty bitter...unrighteous dominion...haha what?  no...) .  But yeah.  it was way fun.  we ate and then we played games and guess what one of the games was? . . . JENGA!  Grandma Tingey's house anyone?  I was third in the line up and we just kept going around until it fell but the person who knocked it over had to sing in front of everyone.  needless to say I was shaking in my boots thinking of my voice singing spanish songs... but luckily i have years of expertness at that game!  Everyone thought it would fall on me the second time around but i miraculously managed to find a brick that was loose and wiggle it out. my hands were shaking really bad when I set it on top and everyone was laughing at me but hey, i didn't have to sing!  I knew all those jenga games with uncle brian would come in handy some day.  Everyone was so impressed. haha.  jk it was fun though. Overall, the best part was just being together with all the Hermanas.  Last year was kinda lonely for me at thanksgiving because I didn't know anybody yet and I was just missing home, but by now I feel so close to everyone and so it was like being with sisters or something.  or hermanas. haha

Anyways, it was a good thanksgiving, it was a good baptismal saturday, it was a good "gift of the holy ghost" sunday, and after church we went out and taught a guy named Luis who accepted a baptismal date for christmas day.  so that was a nice way to end the week.  "i'm dreaming of a white christmas...." 

I love you all!  I wish I could share so many more experiences but it will have to go in the journal and wait for a few months.  too much happens in one week to type out in one hour!  Have a great week. 

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