Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope y'all had a good day yesterday.  Everyone you know was just GIVING out candy! how is that not a good day? anyways, on to the good stuff:
Let me just tell you what a "missionary's dream" of a sunday we had yesterday.  SEVEN investigators in church.  count them.  seven.  siete.  shi shi - whatever.  It was cool.  IT WAS SO COOL!  And two of them have baptismal dates:
the first is the guy Carlos that we met last week and he's just progressing great.  the only problem is he works late during the week so we can only visit on sundays.  bit of a setback, but nothing huge.  He's living the word of wisdom and the law of chastity already and i'm pretty sure he felt the spirit pretty strong at church becuase it was the primary program and everyone was feeling it. 
the second is . . . drumroll... ATHEIST FERNANDO. what?  i know.  So we dropped him about a week and a half ago and then he started humbling himself and actually praying.  He kept coming to everything and we'd ask him how his prayers were going and then this week I said, You know Fernando, if you're praying, that means we can start meeting with you again.  So we met again and got him to admit that what he wants MOST is a family.  From there, we talked about dying and not having a family if you haven't lived the gospel.  Then we talked about making promises with God that assure us we will have things like eternal life and an eternal family.  We told him he hadn't made any promises with God up to this point in his life.  So he had no assurance of any of that.  He thought for a long time about that one.  We finally told him that when we make a promise with God we know he'll keep his side of the bargain, so if we live obedient to our side, then we can live IN PEACE, knowing what the outcome will be.  He showed up in a suit to church that sunday and called me after and asked if he can be baptized on Saturday.  We told him he'll have to wait until november 20th because he still hasn't taken the discussions. haha.  but it's cool how much he has changed.  Now if we ask him to pray he doesn't even hesitate.  Last night in his prayer, he thanked God for the person he was going to become.  Now that is poignant.  have I ever said that in a prayer?  
We also had a man named Pedro and his daughter Melisa show up unexpected to church yesterday.  We have taught pedro and his wife gloria before but gloria basically told us, my door is open to anyone who talks about god, but please leave.  so it was a bit of an awkward situation and I knew that pedro liked what he was hearing but we didn't really have a choice.  I asked him what he thought and he said "i think I shouldn't break up my family.  I go to church with my wife."  But I guess his member friend talked to him and he's going to start coming now.  It was good to see him there.  I almost had a heart attack, haha but it was good to see him.  
The others who came are people we've been working with - we're glad they came!  I do have to say though, finding rides for investigators on sundays is probably the bane of my existence!  but it worked out.  
Like I said, it was also our primary program yesterday.  Don't you just love primary programs?  They had us all dress in white (I say us because I am the primary pianist.  and the relief society pianist.  and the ward pianist.  and the stake choir pianist.  you get the idea) but it was so cute to see all those little dark kids in white!  (can I say that?  it was cute though)  And they get up and say their little spanish parts.  so cute.  "Dios vive."  I especially loved when my favorite little Julie got up and gave her part.  we eat at her house every tuesday and so I was the one that helped her learn her part!  I just kept saying it over and over and making her say it and then i'd say it and leave out a word or two and make her fill them in.  (she's four and adorable)  but she got up and without any fear at all said, "Jesucristo tiene poder sobre de la muerte."  (Jesus Christ has power over death )  except her part really went "Jesucrist tiene poder sobre la muerte."  we couldn't get her to stop saying the de.  but anywyas.  it was cute. 
So we had a good week.  to say the least.   
but that's about it.  we're still here, speakin da spanitch.  (that's what our less active elderly Hermana Banda [who could probably beat up a hardened criminal] always says to us if we start speaking english in front of her:  "HEY you supposed to be speakin da spanitch!" haha)  but that's what we do all day. 
Hope you have another good week!  sounds like everyone is doing well.  thanks for your letters!  I LOVE YOU ALL

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