Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Tanksgibing Bach. (What movie!?)

First off, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Is mom going crazy making the kids scrub the doorframes and everything? haha.  I wish I could be there.  That will be fun.  But i'm going to have a pretty fun thanksgiving myself.  Let me explain why:
1. I'm staying in Cloverleaf, so I'll actually be spending it with members that i KNOW. 
2. Hermana Killpack is staying with me so I'll be with a companion that i love. 
3. Hermana CASE is now with us!  so there's more cloverleaf hermana to share thanksgiving with!  hahaha
that's right everybody.  This duo just became a trio.  Welcome, Hermana Ashley Case from Manti, Utah.  Here's the cool story:  She started her mission the same day as I did, but when she showed up to the MTC, they didn't have a companion for her because her companion she had been assigned to had been moved up to the advanced class.  Yes.  are you putting this together?  we were supposed to be companions in the MTC!  so we've been wanting to get together for about a year now.  she's really cute.  One of those people who just has that "cool" factor.  And she's a great missionary.  She just got done training so she's all on fire and all that. haha.  We're excited to have her.  I don't know how the shower situation will work out...three girls and one bathroom...wait.  I grew up with FOUR of us using the same shower! haha we'll work it out somehow.  So i'm a little apprehensive about being in a trio but i'm excited for her to be here with us for the holidays. (this transfer covers thanksgiving, christmas, AND new years) 

Other good transfer news:  I'm having not one, but TWO "grandbabies!!!"  that's right:  both hermana Harry AND Hermana Warner are training this transfer.  I'm really excited for both of them.  They'll be great. I know you don't know them but they've become a huge part of my life. haha.  it's cool.

So for thanksgiving, we're going to go over to a member family's house.  They are the Mendez family.  And their son has decided to go to the U of U because of the good word I put in for my alma mater.  (what? i don't know if i used that word right... haha) But he called me yesterday from the u of u campus because he was lost. huh?  i know.  I told him he was making me trunky and he couldn't call for stuff like that! haha he's a fun member.  they're hilarious.  we're excited to go there.  and they're inviting like every hermana in the mission so it should be a blast. 

Other than that, we have Fernando's baptism on Saturday morning, and the Cardenas family all came to church again.  Good days for the work here in cloverleaf!  We just wish they weren't going to the english ward...haha jk.  (but seriously)

Fernando is getting ready for his baptism.  He told me last night that he knows that God governs his life and that he's not the one in control.  He also said he feels a "special presence" in this church.  I think it's so cool how far he's come.  He still has a long ways to go but I feel good about his baptism.  He's ready.  Now let's see if we can get it all organized and ready to go in time! haha jk we will.  the ward is totally behind him.  they love him.  And I just found out that one of the english ward members was his cross country coach in highschool so he came to one of our lessons and told him he's going to come to the baptism and he told him he was proud of him and his decision to be baptized.  That had to be huge for Fernando.  He gets so little positive adult feedback.  It was sweet.  There are some really good people in this world!

Other than that, nothing too exciting.  i'm trying to rush it today because we only have half a p-day to get everything done plus transfers.  president decided that if we just had half a pday today then he would give us the rest of it on thanksgiving so... i guess that works.   but thanksgiving will be a nice break now.  So i'm sorry if this sounds really scatterbrained but I love you all and i"m THANKFUL FOR YOU! haha

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