Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello to all my Jamaican brudders!!

Hey mon!  so I sorta wish I was in jamaica with my padres but then I look around at the muddy ditches and homeless refuse of cloverleaf texas and realize that I have it WAY better than mom and dad, and they should think about coming HERE for their next romantic getaway.  haha keep telling myself that, right? false.  I do not miss Jim.  and the truth is, I really do have it at least as well off as they do, because while they're lying in a hammock on a sunny white beach, and buying red, yellow and green beads to braid into eachother's hair, I am watching THIRTEEN members of the Cardenas family walk into the chapel on a sunday morning and file in to sacrament meeting!  that is right folks.  they ALL came and they took up the whole middle pew!  It was amazing, to say the least.  Veronica (momma cardenas)  seemed so happy to be there.  Normally you try to sit by your investigators when they come to church, but seeing as how there were SO MANY of them there was no room left on the pew, hermana Killpack and I sat right behind them and we saw Mom and Dad Cardenas start holding hands halfway through sacrament meeting.  It was very cute.  That was one of those heartwarming moments you wish you could bottle up and keep to open on a cold day when everything is going wrong.    It was a cool sacrament meeting.  I think the english ward was slightly in awe of us. haha.  The english elders have asked us to help out with teaching them because there's so many kids in a little tiny house so it's hard to have the spirit there when the kids are running all around.  Hermana Killpack and I will probably take charge of teaching the younger kids so I'm excited to see what happens with them... it won't count for our numbers but that's not what it's about anyways, right? haha. 

Fernando is back in business.  He wants this baptism thing.  I just hope I don't get transferred next week so that I can be here to see it happen.  His testimony has really come just through reading the Book of Mormon. It's crazy how nothing we could say would convince him but as he reads he just gradually softens.  That book is magic.  or something close to that. 

So in case you're all thinking that missionary life is EASY after all that sugar I just poured out, this morning I had one of the GROSSEST experiences of my life.  I was vacuuming and once again turned the vacuum off halfway through to complain to Hermana Killpack about the weird smell issuing from the ancient depths of the monster that is our vacuum, along with the irritating lack of suction coming from the bottom of it, even when I went over and over the same spot and let it sit there for ten seconds or more.  Sister Killpack is very down to earth so she just asked if I had changed the bag recently (and I had!) so I just kinda said "yeah, I don't know what the problem is" in a whiny voice and then she said, "well, let's tip it over and see if we can see anything wrong with it."  So we tipped it over and there was about one full Jon Tingey head of hair rolled around the bottom brushes of the vacuum.  In fact, so much hair that you couldn't even see the brushes.  I looked at Hermana killpack and we just stared at eachother in silence for about five whole seconds until i said, "SICK." and she kinda laughed and then I said, "go get me the scissors and a plastic bag."  twenty minutes later we had cut our way through that rodent of a hairball and were able to take some nasty pictures and turn the vacuum back over and successfully vacuum the rest of the room!  hahaha it was NASTY.  nasty.  Everybody reading this go right now to your vacuum and make sure that you are cleaning it out with regularity.  I probably just ripped out a five year's supply of sister missionary hair from our vacuum brushes.  yuck! 

Other than that, the work is going well.  We met a really cute girl named Linda this week that we're really excited about.  We've only taught her once and probably won't see her for a while because she's going out of town because she's in the army or something, but she's really cool.  She's our age so that's always fun.  And she speaks English which helps... (don't tell all my friends who are on foreign missions!  it's just easier to relate to them in english, ok?)  The good news is, she asked if we had church services in spanish because she's always gone to church in spanish.  hahah yes we do! so we get to keep her. 

We're getting excited for our temple trip this thursday (and i'm WAY excited because Hermana Warner is going to come stay with us Wednesday night and go to the temple with us because her companion has a doctor's appointment that day and since she's in a trio the other companion is going to go to the doctor so she gets to come with us!  i can't wait to see her again.)  And then it is transfers!  I can't believe another transfer has gone by so fast.  It's ridiculous.  I think I'll probably stay here with Hermana Killpack but I guess you never really know.  I'll just leave you all on the edges of your seats on that one and get back to you next week with the results. 
Love you all!

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