Monday, October 18, 2010

White and rockin!

Dear people who may or may not be reading this because my sweet sister sarah may or may not be updating my blog regularly these days:
How's everyone doing?  I am tired.  I guess that's a good thing haha.  We hit it hard this week - and plus it doesn't help that Hermana Killpack's bike chain broke so we ended up walking about four or five miles Saturday night trying to get out of the gangsta ghetto of cloverleaf before dark.  But actually, it was kinda nice to get off the bikes and walk for a while.  I gianed a new appreciation for the differences between the cluttered ditches of cloverleaf, TX and the paved roads of Holladay, UT. We've started a list entitled "things found in the cloverleaf ditches" and so far we have :beer bottles, mangy dogs, frogs that make a creepy bleating noise, COUCHES (see picture from last week), newspapers, deflated basketballs, an upside down doghouse, garbage of all sorts, a shopping cart, coke cans (those are rare because so many people walk around collecting soda cans, so it's ten points if you find one of those) and if you're lucky, maybe a dead possum or cat or armadillo.  This list is an open list, so you may hear me make reference to it in the future.  stay tuned. 
So Hermana Killpack is going to be awesome.  correction: she IS awesome.  I've never been with a harder working companion.  Today is actually her Birthday so here's a shoutout to my girl Killpack.  and just between us, her name is Jessica so I liked her right off the bat.  She LOVES pride and prejudice so we were basically made for eachother.  It's fun to finally be with someone who has just as much time as I do on the mission.  I feel like we have the same goals and the same sense of near urgency as we're about to hit our year mark together on thursday.  We were talking about how we both feel like there was SO much we expected to accomplish on our missions and you start to realize that a year and a half just isn't that much time.  So there's lots to do.  The ward just thinks it's HILARIOUS that she is named "killpack."  they told me that I went from one "kill" to another.  (for those of you who are cocking your heads to the side and reading that past sentence more than once, Hermana Keele was my last companion and it is pronounced "kill") and now they just call Killpack Hermana kill.  It's a good thing she's a good sport.  
So this week we were out knocking doors (ALL DAY EVERY DAY pretty much) and we found this weird looking house with the stairs coming up on the side, slanting at about a fourty five degree angle so that I had to lean to the side in order to walk up onto the porch and knock.  Nobody answered.  Darn.  I wanted to see if the person living there leaned to one side.  But as we were walking off, I noticed that the driveway went way back and there was another shed/house looking thing in the back, with a black girl sitting on the porch.  At first I kinda thought "too far.  and she definitely doesn't speak spanish" but my guilt got the better of me and so we walked back to contact her.  She was way nice and seemed pretty interested so we referred her to the elders.  They are currently whitewashing their area so I was pretty suprised that they went over the next day but they called us and apparently she loved the restoration message - they said she broke down crying, and said she didn't want "this feeling" to leave.  She was supposed to move on Friday but she stayed to figure this "mormon thing" out.  haha!  she went to church yesterday and she has a baptismal date.  So we're pretty good at finding people for the english elders to baptize.  I told them they owe us one. 
Other than that, we're looking for people to teach.  So if you know any spanish speakers in the Cloverleaf area, write me back ASAP!  hahahaha.  It's going to be a good transfer though. 
Hermana Keele called me from her new area to tell me that she lives with two english sister missionaries and their names are Sister Wallace (whom I already knew) and her greenie...sister...BOWHUIS (whom i ALSO ALREADY KNEW!) what?  that's right.  MaryJane, are you freaking out right about now?  because Mrs Bowhuis' daughter courtney is in my mission!  newly arrived.  I'm excited to see her. I got to say hi and she sounds good.  zippy and unexpected twist:  she was actually dating the brother of a boy in my district in Broadway 2, so I've known she was coming out all along but just didn't realize it was HER.  (nobody ever said her actual name.  they all just said "Elder Gardiner's brother's girlfriend" was coming to our mission.)   So that was pretty funny.  I asked Hermana Keele how Baytown was and she said "very large, very WHITE, and rockin."  Not to be outdone by the infamous Keele, I shot right back, "oh so it's just like me."  and she DISSOLVED into laughter.  I could literally hear her hit the floor and roll around.  That's why I love her.  Everything is a big deal.  hahaa.
So that's what's new with me.  I think we're going to go grocery shopping after this, then get the car washed and get our hair cut!  woohoo.  so it's a big day.  Hope everyone has a very white, very rockin week.  Lovin this October in Texas weather. 
Hermana Becca

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