Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hello Tingey Clan!

Can you believe it is september twentieth already? what? That is so crazy. We are one month away from my one year mark (but who's counting, right?) haha. Okay Since nobody seems to be online to chat with me today maybe this e-mail will actually make some sense.
We had a crazy week. Partly because of an adventure we took one day, but mostly because we're missionaries in ghettho-houston texas, teaching mexicans about the gospel. So here's the adventure: Hermana Keele had a doctor's appointment in Beaumont for her allergies, which coincided perfectly with Elder Rindflesch's appointment with the same doctor and since that doctor lives an hour away, we decided to carpool. To make a long story short, what should have been a three hour jaunt to the allergy doctor turned into an all day boredom fest in a doctor's waiting room and an emergency check in to the nearest (baptist) hospital. Yeah. Elder R. had some test done on his heart that came back irregular so they checked him into the hospital and he ended up staying overnight. Not exactly the way you want to spend a day on the mission. Especially when there is some hick texan mormon in the waiting room with you who starts talking about the kid that he's not sure is his and the vaults where they hide all the secret mormon stuff in salt lake in from of a room full of patients. Greeeeaaaat. Now they really think we are normal! He was pretty weird. And I think the elders were about ready to punch him out. But Hermana Keele and I decided that while we were waiting, we might as well kill time at the nearby goodwill store, and we made a few quality purchases. (a spanish club tee-shirt. it doesn't get any better.) Anyways. That was a really far distance for us to drive. and we did nothing all day. I hate that. So we were glad to get home.
Not to be outdone, the next day held an even bigger adventure for us cloverleaf sisters. We met Greg. Greg is a Texan baptist who speaks english and wears a wifebeater and has Jesus in his heart and that's ALL you need. We tried to talk some sense into him but he just went off for about an hour, making no sense and confusing himself and us, and at the end of that hour, he asked if he could pray with us. So then he grabbed both of our hands and prayed to "Father Jesus Lord" that we would realize that there is no such thing as prophets and that if America were a body, "let Houston be the heart of that body, and let her vital signs be STRONG." hhahahaha! what does that even mean? at this point I was squeezing Hermana Keele's hand pretty hard and we were both doing our best not to burst out laughing. As we left, he asked if he could come to our church, because he believes we should all unite as Christians against the Israelis because, don't know if ya'll know this or not but them'siz havin' nine kids a-piece and they can come right in and infiltrate this country - be it legally or not- and vote for non-christian ideas. So somebody sound the alarm! And just like the jews that moses saved from the egyptians, we shouldn't stay in one place - we should continually be moving and CONQUER CONQUER CONQUER! (too bad i can't describe the hand signals that came into play at this point... he was really getting into it.) So the moral of the story is ... onward christian soldiers!... oh yeah. He also gave us a cd of his pastor preaching and his paster (who -zippy and unexpected twist - also turns out to be named greg) but pastor greg says you can go online and take a quiz about yourself to find out what your spiritual gifts are. They don't want anyone to be "hindered." so i think ya'll should take advantage of that steal-of-a-deal.
So now we come to Wednesday night correlation meeting where we walk in and our ward mission leader has something on each cheek and behind his ears, strapped on with medical tape. I whispered to Hermana Keele "What's wrong with Hermano Avalos?" and she just shook her head and then wrote on her planner "Mexicans think taping magnents to their face will cure them of whatever ails them." hahahahhahahaha and it's true! They really do have little "cures" that are so strange. The best part of the story is, the next night we were at hermana guerreros house and she heard Hermana Keele say that she has athsma and she is at this very moment making a mask for keele to wear that has MAGNENTS in it so that she will cure herself of her athsma. pretty sweet. i laughed pretty hard.
As for the spiritual side of missionary work, we have a man named Rafael with a baptismal date for October 2nd. He was invited to church by his friend, one of our recent converts. He loves it! We've only taught him once but we're seeing him again tonight so more on him later.
We also met a woman named Teresa who we're working with - she has always seen LDS commercials and wanted to call and ask for the Book of Mormon and she said "there' s just something about you guys." and also told us that she thinks you meet people for a reason and right after she met us she met some lutherans and did not feel at all the same with them. She said, "you guys are amazing." so that's a good start.
Pretty good week eh? Every day is an adventure out here in the clover leaf! Pray for us! and for Greg.
love you guys! hope all is well.

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