Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what? it is October.

Hey you guys

So what do you do on a pday when you have laundry to do, letters to write, scriptures to study, an apartment to clean, and a language to learn? You obviously sit in front of the mirror for an hour and straighten your goldilocks curls! hahah. But only if your companion insists (incessantly) (did i spell that right? I don't think so...)and she curls her unforgiveably straight hair so that you're not alone in your sudden change of appearance. That's right. It's straight today. And I feel weird. I'll let you know how it goes after a day out in the 67% humidity. Speaking of that - can you believe it? sixty seven percent! It feels soooooo good outside! And we're actually down in the eighties. I told Hermana Keele this morning that I was going to wear a sweater. But then I decided not to and I'm glad I didn't. Not THAT chilly yet.

Alright so last Tuesday we were knocking doors and having ZERO success. We were having the opposite of success actually. It was one of those days where you start to maybe almost doubt the first line of the young women's theme a little bit. (the "who loves us" part) Anyways the last straw for me was one of the last doors we knocked when a punk eighteen year old kid answered with his headphones on and took one look at us before saying "Christians? I'm not interested. I'm atheist." and attemped to shut the door in our faces. Luckily, Hermana Keele doesn't take that from ANYBODY. haha so she asked him what makes him atheist and he said a few things and then I started pouring my heart out testifying that there is a God and that he is our loving Father and he said "yeah yeah, that's nice." and shut the door. mid-Hermana Tingey-sentence. We both kinda threw our heads back, and said "Alright thanks so much, have a nice day" through the glass of the door, and walked off to get shut down by the next door. (a little more kindly at least...they just turned their music up louder and never answered haha) The next day, keele said "remember that punk atheist kid we met yesterday who totally ticked you off?" and I said "hermana. I'm trying NOT to remember him, thanks." haha Well somewhere in our exchange with the atheist, we must have slipped him a pass-along card because next thing we know, Wednesday night we're sitting in correlation and IN HE WALKS. what? yeah. headphones and all. but get this - he's wearing church clothes. Turns out he totally researched everything you can possibly read online about mormons and he came to ask us a few questions...which turned into him repeating over and over again that he was atheist and us just ignoring him and teaching him. Finally I said, "Fernando. It's not too often that an atheist walks into a church." He said "i know." But long story short, we now have "atheist fernando" under our "progressing investigators" list because he came to THREE of the five conference sessions AND he read 1 Nephi chapter one. He said it was "okay" and that he didn't really get it. But he keeps calling us. Definitely not atheist. Hermana Keele bet me fifty bucks that he gets baptized. I'm starting to think she's right. He keeps saying maybe he'll pray "a little later on" but he's not ready to yet. And yeah, we're pretty excited about him. Interesting fact: he said that what got him interested in us was how we maintained our composure on the doorstep when he was rude to us. pretty cool.

We met a quirky little couple this week named Benny and Bianca whom I couldn't even BEGIN to describe, but let's just suffice to say he's your typical strong silent hispanic guy with tatts all up and down his arm who draws beautiful pictures while he's "locked up" and she is a white redneck with an obnoxious laugh who desperately wants to be the mafia member's girlfriend. But she had faith like you wouldn't BELIEVE and when he was telling us he doesn't feel worthy of approaching God to ask him if the Book of Mormon is true she said, "Benny, you CAN ask God. Because I know he loves you. When I first met you after leaving my ex-husband, I prayed and I said, God if this is the man you want me to be with, let it be. And you BEED Benny. You beed." Yes folks. He beed. it was so funny, but it came at such a tender moment that I couldn't even laugh. She is amazing. Her ex husband came up behind her one day in his eighteen-wheeler while she was driving with her three girls and purposely rammed into the back of her, knocking his three children out of the car and paralyzing the left side of her body. Her faith is based mostly on the miraculous recovery she has had (really just her eye droops now) and the fact that her three daughters were unharmed. That is cloverleaf. But we love it.

Rafael is on for this Saturday. He's going under the water and coming back up a Mormon! We're so excited for him. He's so excited. It's all just good feelings all around. Gotta love the guy. He's incredible.

That's all folks. at least all for now. i'm kinda bored of typing. But I hope you hear from ya'll real soon. I love you and I miss you and I appreciate you all! Take care,

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