Monday, October 11, 2010


So first things is TRANSFER DAY. I am staying in the ever gangsta clovaleaf but Keele got transferred. she's opening up a brand new Hermana area in Baytown so I'm afraid I won't be seeing her much anymore! I need to take a moment to feel bad for missionaries all over the world who, all to often, have their lives turned upside down when the person they live, sleep, eat, cry, fight, and breath with has to move. But it happens so often that nobody even feels bad for us. It's really not fair. Losing a companion is worse than breaking up with your really serious boyfriend. haha. almost. not really. But i'm going to miss Keele! That was a tough one for me. I was suprisingly emotional about it. My new companion is Hermana Killpack from Idaho. She started her mission the same day I did and so we'll be going home together five transfers from now! that sounds so weird. let's not think about it. She's really cute though so I'm excited for the transfer. Time to show her around this crazy town! We're going to have fun. I can already tell.

Rafael did it! He is officially a member! That was such a great way to end our transfer together. It was kindof a stressful day for me though because we started off the day by going to a tri-mission conference (that means everyone serving anywhere in Houston) to hear Elder Costa speak! It was cool. We got to shake his hand, and he gave a really good, really motivating talk. Just what I needed! But it was out of our mission so it took us a while to get home and we barely made it in time for the baptism. Oh well. It worked out! He is such a good guy.

Alright. time to talk about atheist Fernando. (go on everybody, sing the song! ... I've never even heard it but everybody is mentioning it so I know that's what you're all doing in your head right now! are you done yet? okay let's continue) He's still an atheist, but he is an atheist that is in LOVE with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. hahahaha! He came to our correlation meeting on Wednesday asking all about For the Strength of Youth, then showed up to a lesson with parts of it underlined! He came to church on Sunday, (got in an argument with the Hermanos about faith, so we gave him a pretty tough talking to telling him that he couldn't come to our church just to argue and that he needed to come to LEARN) and afterwards he called us and the elders and asked to meet at the church again, where we talked and finally broke down a couple walls about his personal life and he asked what he would need to do to be baptized. what? still hasn't decided if there's god, but he's reading the book of mormon and coming to church. we know he believes in God, he just doesn't know it yet. But he's almost there. Stay tuned. I think he's going to suprise us all.

I hope everyone is doing well - sorry this email is so scatter-brained, transfer day does that to the best of us! I love you and miss you! enjoy the pics!

love, Becca

p.s. sarah, you tell me how well the hair worked in the humidity? I thought it did pretty well... this was the end of the day.

p.p.s.just another day studying scriptures in our classy classy area! isn't that nuts? we've started a list of things we find in the ditch on the side of the road - COUCH! crazy.

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