Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Email

Good Monday Morning!

This e-mail might be a little short because we're going to Kingwood in about twenty minutes to "play" with President Moldenhauer. In other words, we're giving up our one day in the week that we have to do what we want in order to drive an hour to a chapel where we will be divided up into groups and forced to play sports with elders two years younger than us that are going to be trying not to get the sisters on their teams. haha. but i'm not self conscious about my athleticity.

Anyways we also had a really cool experience where we saw this lady sitting outside her apartment and so we stopped and talked to her and it turns out she's a member but hasn't gone in over fifteen years and she was really really sick so we were able to get her a priesthood blessing. she said she knew she needed to come back to church but was worried she wouldnt know anyone there but once we showed up out of nowhere she realized she would at least know us. so i hope she comes becuase she didn't come yesterday...but it was a neat experience meeting her. ONe thing I noticed is that she had totally forgotten how to pray. she was talking during our prayer and whispering under her breath. Sad. It's crazy how fast we lose our spiritual progress if we slack off. Don't slack off! okay i'm done preaching.
okay i'm totally out of time so whether i want to write more or not it's not really a choice anymore. i love you all. hope you enjoy the snow. we're sweating here in houston. seriously. it's nasty. and i got forty seven mosquito bites last night. counted them. hermana harry was FREAKING out. she said she's only ever had about ten in her whole life before. we put her face mask all over our legs to "soak out the poison." i dunno. i just do what she says so that i don't cause problems. haha no it was fun and now they don't itch as much. enjoy the snow. that's the moral of the story. love you all

miss you!

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