Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Monday P-Day!

how are we all feeling on a monday morning? I"m not going to lie, i think i'm in missionary shock. Gotta get out there and contact! what am I doing in a library? but I"m sure come Wednesday as I'm knocking doors i'll feel a lot better. haha. So the big news is that our p-day got changed to monday. That's really only because the church came out with this pretty sweet way of reporting our numbers/writing our mission president so we actually go to a new website ( i know, uncharted territory venturing from myldsmail!) and are able to enter our numbers and e-mail him through that site. He wanted to change the p-day so that we're reporting our numbers as soon as the week ends. I'm kinda bummed because it was nice to break the week up between sundays and p-days and now we'll kindof have the weekend effect but maybe that will acutally be better in the long run. I guess it doesn't really matter. But hey "it must be Monday, oh what a dumb day... can't drag my bu** out of bed... wish that I could sleep in, and wake up on the week end..." doesn't really apply any more. (shania is my girl!)
so all this excitement actually begins way before Hercules' time, many eons zone conference last friday. And guess who was there? My beautiful cousin Cherelle, also known here in Texas as Hermana Jones! President arranged it so that she and I could sit by eachother during lunch afterwards and it was so fun to catch up and share in our missionary-gooberishness together. So there we were, chatting away, and I started telling her a story and everything was going great, I was actually communicating like a normal civilian, and all of a sudden - I called her HERMANA! what? I know. way embarassing. Sarah quit judging me! She didn't even flinch though (felt normal to her) but I just about died when I realized what I had done! I was apologizing and blushing and blubbering and everything. gross. gross. GROSS. And then I just had these words go through my head - "what's to become of me, what's to BECOME of me. what am I fit for?" No longer a gutter snipe OR a duchess at an embassy ball. somewhere in between. so now i think I've officially reached that point in my mission where I don't want to come home. Not because I don't miss my life and the people in it from before...but because I'm afraid of what kind of weirdo I've become. ew. I still can't believe I did that. And she was nice about it, but I can just SEE myself calling one of my actual blood hermanas "hermana." would not go over well. I'd be the butt of family mexican missionary jokes for the rest of my life.
Other houston news: Wicked is officially here in Houston! talk about rude. I want to go so bad! I'm acutally here, in a city big enough to attract shows like that, but I can't go! waht's the point of living in houston when wicked comes if you can't go? So I told Harry we shouldn't eat for a month so that we can save up enough money to buy tickets and then when we get there we can look at each other and say, "I feel...WICKED." hahaha. she said no. can you believe that?
So last night we were eating Sunday dinner at the Ward mission leader's home and his pregnant daughter and her husband were there with us. She's our age and lives in our area too but she's less active so we know her pretty well and she's way fun! Anyways she and Harry get along like ... well, like Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, because they both LOVE to talk so we get into some pretty crazy convos. Last night we got doing stupid human tricks and next thing I know, Harry's going into some yoga stance in front of everyone in a SKIRT. whoa there. haha the best part is, she had to kinda tuck her skirt in between her legs to start it and Elder Elkins says, "there you go Harry, gird up those loins." hahahahhahah best line of the week! I was laughing soooo hard. So hard in fact, that I had to run in to the bathroom (don't worry, nobody was in there) so that I wouldn't have an accident.
By way of investigator updates, this week we had a health fair at the church and ANGELICA CAME! I was in the gym looking at this giant snake that "friends of the forest" brought with all the little kids and all of a sudden I felt this light tap on my shoulder and someone said really soft, "hermana." I turned around and saw her and just immediately gave her this huge hug! I think I took her by surprise. But she is offically pregnant with a GIRL. haha she thought it was a boy. but it's a nina! (that's spanish for...the nino) And we have an appointment with her and our relief society president tomorrow afternoon. But I was so happy that she came. I told Hermana Harry I felt like a sixteen year old boy on his first date! ('ll be able to commiserate soon.) Baby steps.
So I've been really worried about what to do to help Angelica because her husband doesn't want to meet with us at all. I was kinda mentioning it to a returned missionary in the ward and I swear God sent the "tender mercy" stork with a special delivery for me because this particular guy is very in tune and he just started teaching me in the way that he would teach her and he showed me a few scriptures that backed up what I was wanting to say to her - it was like he was reading my mind! I don't have a very good mastery over the scriptures but it's funny how answers come in unexpected ways. The interesting thing is, we actually used those scriptures the next day on a woman that it had never occured to me to use them on and I know she felt the spirit. We're learning!
Anyways i'm running out of time but i could go on forever (that's literal, and you all know it.) I love you I miss you and i hope you're all doing well. I got NO mail this week! i hope you all feel horrible. haha jk i know it's on the way. thanks for everything.
love, Becca

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