Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Never too late

Hey everybody!

Sorry to keep you hanging yesterday, we obviously couldn't write since the libraries were down for memorial day. But I have a story this week!

One dark day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight...jk. But one dark morning at six o clock two sister missionaries were startled to a state of wakefulness by loud, long banging on their front door. This is their story. Actually my story. That's right. I"m that llama...missionary....whatever. So anwyays. There I am, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and standing at the foot of Harry's bed asking (in a voice about two octaves lower than my usual because i just woke up) "is somebody knocking?" That was one of those stupid questions we sometimes ask that have a REALLY obvious answer. So she's like "yeah." (duh!) and so then I asked if she'd come with me to get the door. After all, we are alone in a strange state. And it was six in the morning. I looked out the peephole first (might I add, I was pretty excited to be the one looking out the peep hole instead of the one being looked out at for a change!) and saw a guy standing with his hands on hips, in a white shirt and tie and a little black tag. (it's the black spot!...that's for you dad, do you know it?) So, seeing how he was "one of us" I opened the door, and in slow motion he turned and looked at me and the look of suprise on his face was priceless! hahaahaha he jsut said... "Broadway elders?" and I said " broadway hermanas." haha then he started saying how sorry he was and basically blubbering all over the doorstep. That's okay though. He was looking for some elders from the south mission that also live in our apt. complex. He didnt' know which number they lived in so we had to walk around in front of their car with their headlights shining on us in our pajamas to show them where it was! ahhaa they were heading to the temple. The only bad thing is, he's not from our mission so I don't see him much to tease him relentlessly for that! I just wish that I would have said "yeah they're in the back bedroom, let me get them" when he asked for the broadway elders! Give me a break though, i'd only been awake thirty seconds. I was lucky to get any words out, let alone something witty. But it was pretty exciting for us missionaries who never have anything out of routine to interrupt our little perfect schedule.

Also, we had a cool experience with a recent convert who was assigned to give a talk in sacrament meeting so we went over to help her write it. She told us how her friend recently got mad at her for arriving late to work because she was feeding us (awkward). and her friend said, "obligation before devotion." But Hermana told me that she doesnt' agree with her friend. She said that is how she had always lived her life until four years ago when her husband died in a car accident and everything changed. She said she wants to put devotion to god and her loved ones before any sort of worldly obligation because that is what really matters and that is what will last, and you never know when it will be too late. I thought that was a really good thought. And I thought it was cool to see how her membership in the church has helped her to change her priorities so that she doesn't have to look back on any more of her life and feel like she was spending time in the wrong places. I also felt so grateful that when I get to be her age, I won't have to look back on a life of doing things the wrong way and learning from it, but I'll be able to look back and see that being obedient to what I've learned in the gospel has brought me so much happiness, the way i know mom and dad do. So much better that way!

okay sorry this one is short again, but i'm almost out of time. I love you all and miss you.

love Becca

p.s. pray for Eugene!

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