Monday, December 13, 2010

Time is flying!

Hey everyone:
Was it just me, or did this week go by RIDICULOUSLY fast?  We had a lot going on this week.  I'll try to hit some highlights:
On Friday we had a service project at the George W. Bush International Airport (no it's not a joke, and what sort of cruel, ironic humor drove our zone leaders to set up a missionary activity in an airport?  I'll never know.) But we were setting up a Christmas Fantasy Carnival for terminally ill children from Texas Children's Hospital which is in downtown Houston.  It was pretty cool.  We got to wear jeans (shock!  a little tighter than they used to be!) and we set up inside an empty airplane hangar.  But it was cool because at first they had to move a plane out of it so we were basically standing right there while they moved the plane.  Then they fed us and got us unloading more christmas decorations than you've ever seen in your life.  I spent most my time decorating about twenty five christmas trees that they had to set up all around the hangar.  They had Christmas music going, they let us build a stage for Santa to sit on, we brought in hay for the petting zoo (the elder from gunnison was having christmas morning right there when they brought the hay in!) yeah.  it was cool.  and as I said, Nothing says "Christmas" like "petting zoo."  Only in Houston. 
Next big item:  We had a recent convert marry an hermano in the ward this week.  Let me just set up for you the awkwardness of this situation.  He got divorced last february.  His ex-wife is still in our ward.  yep.  they both come to church every sunday and every activity.  they just sit on opposite sides of the chapel.  So now he is married to a lady that got baptized around the time he was getting divorced and they asked the MORMON MISSIONARIES to sing at their wedding.  why not?  So there we were, directing traffic, setting up tables/centerpieces, and singing spiritual hymns, when it suddenly hits us... they're using us for free labor because we can't say no! hahahha jk we love them but still... kinda true.  And then i start asking myself, as I'm hearing love songs blaring out of their dj sound system...this really isnt' a missionary atmosphere...did we ask permission to do this?  and I start asking around among the zone leaders and turns out...NOBODY ASKED.  so we probably weren't even supposed to be there.   But oh well.  hahaha that was a funny mission experience.  they made us take pictures by the bride and groom and i was laughing so hard because we looked like bridesmaids and groomsmen.  hermana case just kept getting creeped out seeing the elders in suits at a wedding... and then we just started teasing everyone about the next time we're all at a wedding together and who the bride and groom will be.  we're definitely awkward missionaries. 
And I'm basically out of time so I'm sorry this one is short this week.  The best part of the week was sunday.  We had four investigators come to church so we're hoping to get some of them progressing towards baptism soon.  (why does it always have to be so hard? haha jk) and "atheist" Fernando got the priesthood! haha he was smiling so big.  he's so ... i dont' know he's just crazy and I love that kid.  We asked him how he felt after.  we said, "how do you feel Fernando?  like a million bucks?" and he just laughed and said "MORE!"  He's working on his parents becuase he wants to go on a mission!  he'd be agreat missionary too because he came out with us this week ON HIS BIKE! to go do visits. haha he calls us the LDS biker gang and says that we need to buy leather jackets.  He even wore a helmet and everything.  adorable.  haha he said he wants to do something for us for christmas since we've "been helping" him and everything.  He said he wants to do something for our families so we'll see what he comes up with.  we already know what we're giving him for christmas.  he always asks if we can get him in to get his picture taken with the prophet and we always tell him no so then he finally dropped his expectations and asked if we could get him in with the twelve apostles - ANY of them.  hahaha!  NO FERNANDO, we can't!  so we bought a picture of the twelve apostles and we're photoshopping him into it with them.  i can't wait to give it to him!  hahaha he's so great. and he says he's going to move to utah to find a "righteous girl" so i'm guessing you'll all get to meet him someday. haha you have to.  he's my favorite!  i mean, i don't have favorites.  love him. 
okay have a good week! i love you all!  counting down to christmas phone call...

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