Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm baking like a toasted cheeser its so hot here!

Holy cow! can you believe it's already August sixteenth? ahhh that's a little scary for me. haha
how's everyone doing? I want to hear all about powell, and i'm assuming I will. So I'm sorry if this email is a little scanty and a little crazy, because i'm way distracted wanting to chat with ya'll. haha disclaimer. So this week Hermana Warner got a package in the mail. She's been asking her mom for a watch since she left the MTC and she just got it. Us poor missionaries are so at your mercy out there in the real world. it's hard for us sometimes. But in true mom flavor, her mom sent not just a watch, but a package full of goodies and cute things and fun stuff and gadgets and gizmos aplenty. So it was like Christmas for us! I never even noticed but I guess she snuck in a little Birthday present for me as well so that Hermana Warner could give me something. Isn't she cute? The best part is, we were doing our nightly planning and I was looking at our calender and noticing that Hermana Case's birthday is coming up on August 24th so I asked Warner what we should do and then I started saying we should sing a Jacks Mannequin concert for her cause she loves them and so I started singing some Jack's and all of a sudden warner throws down her pen and goes "i can't take it anymore!" so I started apologizing and telling her i'd stop singing that worldly stuff and recommit myself to signing mo tab but then she was like, "My mom sent you a birthday present!" and she ran and got it and made me open it! haha but it's really cute earrings. Little diamond studs with this cute design around them. so sweet. haha warner's hilarious. We had a pretty average week. Just dealing with stuff way beyond our maturity level... helping people commit to making changes with eternal significance in their lives. we're kindof a big deal. haha no but it was a good week. We had our temple trip! so that was probably the highlight. After the session, we had a meeting with all of us inside the temple and the temple president spoke to us which was really interesting. we were able to ask whatever we wanted. but at one point, while answering a question about sealings he made this lovely little comment: "for example, there are some sweet sisters who never have an opportunity come along to be sealed to anyone in this life." WHAT?haha warner and I started cracking up because i jsut said "ouch" out loud right then. You just can't say that to a group of sister missionaries - talk about SWEET SISTERS. if anyone qualifies for that group it's us. so I started laughing and then i said, "well it's nice to know we have something to look forward to when we go home." and that made the elders behind me laugh and then everyone started laughing and it was a funny moment. so i'm funny even in the temple. Other than that, i'm chatting now. everything else was boring. We have a baptism this saturday for our sleeping in church friend! i guess we believe in dreams as well as visions healings... etc. haha! but her name is jesenia so pray for her! Sorry this is so lame. hope everyone is doing well and ENJOY the end of your summer! we're counting down the days because we've heard that august is the hottest month. we're on the downhill slope! love Becca

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