Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey vamanos, everybody let's go!

That's from my friend Dora the Explorer. And it was inspired by the big poster that is next to me right now on the library bookshelf that says "Celebrate Books! Celebremos los libros!" That's the thing. she's bilingual. and so am I. That's the other thing. I'm sitting in a tiny chair in the childrens section of the library because all the other computers were in use. As if my skirt and nametag didn't make me look weird enough. haha. but that's okay because I'm writing to you all and so it's WORTH it, right? haha. I think I might break the computer next to me - a little kid is on there playing kid games and it keeps repeating the same theme song over and over. divine.

ANYWAYS. This was a big week! First item of note: I DIDN'T TRANSFER! so I'm still here on Bellfort with Warner and Ferguson and Gardiner. We are a family, like one giant tree...reaching up twards the sky...I mean. We're still the same district as last transfer. And everyone was WRONG about me leaving! they've been teasing me all week because I really didn't want to go so I'm just happy as can be to still be here. Let me tell you why:

1. I love Hermana Warner and I never wish to be parted from her from this time forward.
2. I want to see the follow-up for Claudia and Marianna
3. Noel!!!!!!

and that brings me to the story of the week: CLAUDIA AND MARIANNA DID IT! They actually went under the water and came back up and everything! haha It was awesome to see their baptism. I'm trying to attatch a photo of them so I hope it worked! (don't judge my round face) Ferguson is the blondie and Gardiner has dark hair. They're so cute! (claudia and marianna) The baptism went PERFECTLY. We had some awesome Hermana's from the ward who gave talks and then Hermana Warner sang "I like to look for rainbows" but in spanish of course, while I played the piano. Then the bishop welcomed them to the ward. They were a little nervous but they did great. Claudia even brought a friend to the baptism! Love that. Except for the fact that when our ward mission leader saw the friend there he asked me and hermana warner to speak on the restoration - on the spot! But that's okay. we teach that lesson about twenty times a week so it wasn't such a big deal. But here's the best part about the whole thing: That morning, before the baptism, we had gone to teach Noel. Our goal was to set Aug. 7 as a baptismal date for him. We taught the lesson and the spirit was strong and everything and so we invited him to set the date and...he said no! what? We tried to resolve his doubts and recommit him (sound familiar RMs?) but he still said no. So we had to satisfy ourselves with inviting him to the baptism that day. He said he'd try to come but...he'd call us. ugh. So I kinda figured he wasn't going to come, but then he called us at the last second and needed a ride so we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find a ride for him but we finally did and he got there - he missed the first talk but he got there! After the service was over I was talking to one of the hermanas in the ward and I saw hermana warner go talk to him out of the corner of my eye. about one minute later she came walking up to me while i was still talking and said "he's getting baptized!" He told her that he was ready to prepare to be baptized on August 7th! hahaha so I had to be sure of course... I went up to him and said "how did you like the baptismal service?" and he said "It was really nice." So I said "when is your Baptism?" and he said "August seventh!" haha so I pumped my fist in the air and said "CONGRATULATIONS!" hahah it was a fun moment. He came to church yesterday and said he feels better about his decision every minute. Is that incredible or what? He said that he was worried to commit to a baptismal date because although he wants to change his life, every time he has gone to church in other religions he hasn't FELT it in his heart. So he was afraid he wouldn't FEEL it in our church either. But he said when he walked in he felt an "energy" and peace and so much love from everyone there. He said he knows that he can really change. We know he can too! Keep him in your prayers. We taught him the Word of Wisdom yesterday which we were kinda worried about but he accepted it no problem. August seventh baby! and that day is actually his birthday. So he's being reborn on his birthday. That's right Spence, born on his birthday!

We also had a bike day! so we're back on the bikes. watch out houston. It wasn't too bad, aside from the 103 degree heat and full humidity. haha

but hey! i hope everyone's doing okay. i love you and miss you all and i'm soooo happy that i didn't get transferred! I'll be thinking about spence these next couple weeks. Make him write me and tell me all about it. in detail. not the way boys usually tell things.

okay, i'm done here. love love love!


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