Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy week this week in the campo blanco!

Dear people I am related to who finally wrote me this week after three or four or seventeen weeks of nothing in the mailbox:

Como estan? I was so happy to hear from ya'll again! Dad, thanks for the thoughts. I almost fell off my bed when I realized you've been reading something that wasn't your little green book of investing or the scriptures and then I just shook my head that you didn't choose Pride and Prejudice but started off with Larry H. Miller's biography...(how could you? isn't the suspense just killing you about whether or not Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth will end up together?) but I guess that's okay. After all, you know that guy. BUT unfortunately I never got any time to sit down and think about what I want to say in this e-mail so it might be a little scatter-brained.

okay before I forget: good luck in your race! I will be thinking about all my little gu gu dolls running their hearts out on July 3rd. Go get 'em. And take time to notice all the puppies in front of you.... if you don't get that, ask mom. she's good at spotting them. Speaking of mom, HAPPY ANIVERSARY mom and dad! Hope your weekend wasn't too crazy and that you got some time to pat eachother on the back or something. I've saved up all the money on my blue card and I bought you something nice - it's a trip to Jamaica! so I hope you enjoy it. haha jk. but a little birdie told me you're going der widout me. So I hope you take your swet bottumms. Him obviously lub you. Just send me a t-shirt that says 'jamaican me crazy' okay?

Busy week this week in the campo blanco! We had zone conference AND stake conference so we were all over the place. But it was a great one. We are officially half way through the year 2010 - a miracle year in THE mission. So President did some motivating to get us excited to finish the miracle that we started in January (in case you don't follow these emails religiously and hang on every word, THE mission miracle of 2010 is to double our baptisms from 2009.) And he showed us clips from Remember the Titans to do it - so I rest my case that sister missionaries are doomed to listen to sports pep talks throughout their missions. He even told us a story about when he was a coach in high school and one of his athletes won state. Guess what my wonderfully tall, bald, lovingly inspiring mission president coached before his mission? If you guessed pole vaulting then you get a gold star. And for some reason the word "pole vaulting" makes me think of Young Frankenstein. Som varm milk perhaps? pole vaulting? okay okay you're all fine. i know it's "ovaltine." that's the thing. olvatine is gross. But actually it was an awesome story about how this kid just wouldn't give up and ended up vaulting 14 feet and cleared it easy. That's incredible. So Hermana warner and I are packing the poles in the back of the trunk to take proselyting with us. As for stake conference, that's always an exciting time because ALL of the spanish missionaries work in the same stake so we're all there together. I was playing the piano for the choir, which just about sent Hermana Warner over the moon because she's from a very musically talented ward and our stake sings with lots of heart and you've gotta have heart - all you really need is heart. When the odds are saying you'll never win, that's when the grin should start... We got laughing really hard during the conference though so I feel kinda bad. hopefully nobody noticed. But it's just hard for us to sit for two hours and listen to spanish without doing something naughty. And here's the thing: President makes us read the white hand book every day so by now i've got it memorized and so I always find special moments to incorporate quotes from it. And Hermana Warner wrote me a little note that said she loved me so I wrote back and said "will you be my companion" and she wrote back "claro que si" and so then I wrote back, quoting the white handbook "will you sleep in my same room but not in my same bed" and then we were just all giggles after that. Like, laugher chicks. But I really like the Hermanas in our mission. we have a lot of fun together.

We had an investigator bring her daughter to stake conference so we're pretty excited about them! Her name is Claudia and her eight year old daughter is named Mariana. She is progressing pretty nicely - no huge hang ups so far, just working towards confirmation that she needs to be baptized. We're also really excited about a guy named Noel. (not levi's dad. we're not excited about him) But this Noel is the son of a crazy lady. We taught his mom first and she was one of those crazy talk-during-the-prayer people that wouldnt' really listen to us because she was so busy amening so I didn't go back. Well about two weeks later I got a call from her asking for us to bring over the Finding Faith in Christ DVD. I was kinda groaning on the inside but we took it over and she was still crazy but she asked us to come back on a saturday and teach her son and husband. We did and her son is absolutely incredible. Midway through the lesson she pulls out some book of mormon from years ago with three hermanas names in the front cover (one was tate! but not lisa) and he grabs it and starts reading it right there. More on him later! he's really promising.

and i'm basically out of time so i'm sorry to end really abruptly but fyi it's pouring here. POURING. Love you all! enjoy your summer


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