Monday, June 21, 2010

With me by myself...

wellll helllllllllllllllloooooooooooolalala. and welcome back to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BAPTIZE....

John, consider that your shoutout for the next year. Sarah, I'm a writer. I steal whatever lines I think are funny. but let's give it up for the world's best dad! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD! I was thinking about you and Grandpa yesterday. Sorry I couldn't call to tell you. Gosh I've just been thinking about you a lot lately...what with you being the birthday boy and all and then father's day... once or twice...all summer. Plus I got this wonderfully unharmed tape in the mail with your sweet leetle voice a talkin to me (he's a talkin to me! okay he's a talking to jew) since nobody else but you wanted to talk into it. I'm glad you love me dad. That's why you win a hundred points in the celestial kingdom and an all expense paid trip to ... West Valley! You da BEST...I LOVE it!

As for me...I'm just with me by myself out here NOT in Powell but in lots hotter weather than ya'll while you're with your husbands, and your girlfriends (spencer) and all of the above in beautiful red rock canyons with slight breezes over the water. We're boiling here in H-Town. In fact, THE mission :) is having problems with heat exhaustion so we've been encouraged to take two hour lunch breaks when it gets over one hundred if we are outside for most of the day. Man, they're really going to have to twist our arms to get us to obey that rule. haha.'s actually justified. I had to quote Sand Lot about two hundred times last week ALONE. (I'm baking like a toasted cheeser it's so HOT out here!) So I'm sure Sister Warner appreciates the new lunch rule. It's just not that spiritual for the investigator when we're talking to them and we've got buckets of water rolling off our face and down our backs. classy.

Speaking of Sister Warner - I'm a huge fan. She's so awesome! I knew it was a companionship made in heaven when we were at an investigator's house and we had an unexpected guest come in so I kinda leaned over and said "do you think we should change our lesson plan?" and she came back at me in an english accent with "I don't know mother, I'm only here for the food." (EVER AFTER) hahahahhaha so she loves movies and we quote them all the time and we talk in voices so john watch out becuase we're sending a tape your way and after the way you made fun of me in the one you sent I'm thinking we might giggle for about a half hour and talk in voices and inside jokes for the rest! haha. But no - we're having a blast. She hit the ground running and her spanish gets better every day. She's a great teacher - She's really smart and really confident and just fun. Plus she's hilarious. Okay I think you get the picture. I feel like I live with Adrian Swenson. hahaha Best friends forever. like, she's my BFF. plus she lives next door to Disneyland so it's always good to have a connection there. Happiest Place on Earth.

MaryJane! I've got a story for you. our investigator Angelica is pregnant with her first baby and it's a girl and she wants to name it something "different." (in other words, she doesn't like the name Maria) So she was asking us our names. She liked Rebeca because it works in Spanish and in English but then I started naming all of my sisters and when I said MaryJane she got all excited and wrote it down and everything so she loves your name! haha if she names her baby maryjane that will be so cool. I hope it grows up to be just like you (baptized and everything. haha)

other than that, we're just waiting to go teach Eugene again tonight (he was sick all last week so that was kindof a bummer) and we're excited about the Ochoa Family who have now come to church for the past two sundays! there's about five of them above baptismal age but we're not going to count any chickens before they've hatched. haha just FYI.

Hope ya'll are doin well! We're Lovin' it out here! These are the best days of our lives...aside from my dusty old mailbox. cough. cough.

love you!


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