Monday, March 7, 2011

20 Lessons!

hey everyone:
first off:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMANA GIBSON!  That's right.  Today is my companion's twenty fifth birthday.  Oh how I love her.  The elders suprised us this morning by taking us out to breakfast with our ward mission leader.  They came and knocked on our door with a cake and a present and sang to her.  it was way cute.  She was excited.  Then, after this we're going to meet up with our zone and the other spanish zone and play kickball.  haha let's see if we win.  (of course we will)  So i'm sorry if i'm a little distracted right now. 
We had a crazy week!  One of the many things that made it crazy was what we call the "mini-mission" which is a stake activity where each of the youth get paired up with a companionship of missionaries for the day so they get to see what it is like.  We had to be at the stake center at six in the morning and just about every spanish speaking missionary in the mission is there so it was crazy to see everyone again.  We had a great day and our young woman said she wants to serve a mission (success!).  But as we came back at the end of the day, they had a fireside/testimony meeting and I was playing the closing song afterwards, which is a spanish hymnbook only song called "placentero nos es trabajar"  which is all about working in the lords vineyard.  There was one line that says "o hermanos adios pues adios.  el momento de ir vino ya" which translates to "farewell my brothers.  the time to go has come."  I couldn't help but note the parallelism with our own lives at the moment and so I looked up and made a face at Hermana Gibson who was (of course) STARING STRAIGHT BACK AT ME from the audience!  (our companionship unity knows no bounds!)  So then we both just bust up laughing and i'm up in front of everyone, trying not to mess up and going bright red...story of my life these days. haha.  Anyways.  it was funny. 
We had a really really cool lesson this week with a less active woman.  We (somewhat randomly we thought) chose a scripture on the sacrament to share with her and wanted to invite her to come back to church.  The scripture was 3 Nephi:8-9 and we talked about how the sacrament will FILL our souls.  Then we asked her when was a time that her soul was hungry?  She started talking about the time before she met the missionaries and how she literally had a HUNGER to know God.  She started crying and apologized, saying "even talking about that time in my life brings back that empty feeling I had."  She then told us how the gospel had satisfied that hunger and that she needed to go back.  The spirit was very strong.  yesterday she wasn't able to come to church but her husband was there on the back row, for the first time in years.  They are endowed and everything!  Little by little, we're going to get ALL of familia Pena back in that chapel!  I know we will.
We had a goal this week to get 20 lessons, which is our mission standard.  Last night at 8:40 we had nineteen but we had worked sooo hard and we knew we could get twenty so we ran and visited a recently re-activated lady that lives right below us.  it felt so good to report twenty lessons to our district leader last night!  That is good.  We have a lot of new investigators.  Still looking for ones that will progress though.  Like Hermana Gibson says, "we're about to die, we don't have time to mess around."  And that is true.  haha. 
hey before I forget, mom; will you send me the crepe recipe?  I think I remember it but I better get a recipe just to make sure.  MaryJane could probably send it from memory. haha.  k thanks so much!  I hope the baseball tryouts went well for Spence and MaryJane I think it was inspired that you wrote a book about a girl named june because that is my companion's middle name! haha she was so excited when she heard that.  Thanks for the letters.  You made my week!

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