Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm 22. I love Libraries. And I'm a Mormon.

Hey everyone! 
I'm just going to say it:  we had a hard week.  Missionary work wise.  (in other words, we laughed all week long, but spent the whole thing knocking doors and nobody was in church.  happens to the best of us, but not a fun experience.) The good news is, we met a TON of people this week!  I think our best was Lottie: 
we were knocking a street and noticed this little old house with the cutest looking gabled porch.  we loved it.  so on our way back to the car before we left we decided to knock it.  A cute little old white lady came walking out around the back of the house and asked, "yes?" so we started explaining who we were and doing our whole (english version) missionary spill.  speel?  dunno.  But she said "oh my niece is a mormon!" and we loved that so we got talking about it more and asking her if she had ever read the Book of Mormon and she said no, so we tried to sell her on that point and she said, "as a matter of fact, I've got a Book of Mormon that I want to give back to y'all because I'm never gonna read it."  ouch.  haha.  we tried to convince her to keep it "just in case" she ever changed her mind, but she was adamant about giving it to us because it was a "nice leather copy" and we could give it to someone who might actually read it.  alright lady, we'll take it off your hands for you.  What a find!  She walks back out of the house with a 1966 edition of the Book of mormon, and as we start looking through it, Hermana Gibson's librarian mind starts noticing some subtle differences and with a weird, "we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling, we flipped to the front cover and frantically scanned the page until...published by THE REORGANIZED Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  WHAT?  ahhahahaha it was so crazy!  So that's how we got our hands on the best thing my companion has ever found on her mission.  It is crazy.  Pretty different from the real Book of Mormon.  But exciting nonetheless. 
We had another exciting occurance this week:  We woke up one morning, did the usual routine, and when we went to get in our car, we noticed a little note on the windshield.  Hna. Gibson pulled it off and we realized it was one of the new "" passalong cards they have given us missionaries to hand out. (by the way, here's my plug for  GO TO IT.  GET A PROFILE.  we're allowed to get on that website and i keep looking up everyone i know and they aren't on there!  so hurry! haha thanks) so anyways the note said "i'm 21.  i'm balding. and i'm a mormon."  handwritten.  it has to be a missionary, right?  so we immediately think of elder bernard, the only missionary we know is is for SURE balding.  but he works so far away.  so next we think of the elders who work our same area, only english.  It HAS to be them!  so we text them and say "we didn't know ya'll were balding!" and they were completely confused.  They finally said "no JIVING"  it wasn't them.  darn.  so who is it?  Well, turns out it was our zone leader and he had actually put it on our car the night before at the chapel but we didn't see it driving home in the dark.  But in the meantime, we started this huge joke with the elders who share our area about balding/ cards.  Next thing we know, that night when we go in, we see cards all in the crack of our door and the spokes of our bikes which are locked out front.  haha they said hilarious things like "i'm 22.  i'm trunky. and i'm a mormon"  and "i'm 24.  I love libraries.  and I'm a mormon."  Hermana Gibson and I got a kick out of it. It's like she says, "those are the things that keep a missionary going!" and that is so true.  That and letters from home!  (got that plug out there too...i am good!) 
That joke actually ties into another joke that I wasn't going to write about because I don't know how I actually feel about it, but just for fun, here it goes:  One of the elders who left all the cards is named Elder Fife and he flew out with me.  This is the first time I've really worked around him since then but he reminded me that that morning on the bus ride to the airport, an elder (Hakes) had asked me to marry him (yeah.  boys are so dumb!) and apparently I just said "no!" and shot him down really hard. haha (he deserved it... asking a sister missionary to marry you...please.)  But anyways Fife thought that was pretty heartless and he got me feeling bad about it.  Then the other day he was on the phone with that same elder (Hakes) and I was there and so he handed the phone over to me and the kid asked me AGAIN!  hahaha so this time I said, Elder Hakes.  where are you serving?  (he said beaumont, which is about as far from me as you can get in the mission) then I said.  If you ask me IN PERSON before I leave the mission, then I will say yes.  So we all laughed and thought that was funny but then we walked away and I turned to Hna. Gibson and said "you dont' think he'll find a way to actually see me do you?" and she said, "oh no...." with a panicked look on her face, and then we laughed even harder.  But one of the cards said "i'm 22.  I love Elder Hakes. and I'm a mormon."  Boys.  Even when you put ties and tags on them.  Part of them will always be that 14-year-old jr. high student. 
Anyways.  Manuel is struggling with smoking.  and a few other things.  I'm worried about him.  We met a few cool families so I'm excited to see what happens with them.  We did have a pretty cool miracle while we were out finding.  We picked a street that turned out to me mostly white for some odd reason so we were thinking about bagging it and going somewhere else, but we kept going and as we were finishing up, this hispanic lady drove by in her car, then stopped and rolled down the window and pointed to a house and told us that she lived there!  Alright.  She asked when we could come visit her.  Turns out she's a member, but has been less active for years.  She has a granddaughter that isn't baptized that the elders have now set a baptismal date with.  Pretty cool.  It was funny though because all the mexicans have this thing outside their front doors that has their name, house number and usually a scriptural quote on it, accompanied by an image of the virgin or something crazy.  But they had one that said "El Libro de Mormon.  otro testamento de Jesucristo" above their family name, and "Latter Day Saints" below it. haha sweet! 
Well, I love you guys!  happy president's day!  i hope jess had a fun birthday, and I thank you soooo much for the valentine's package.  the shirt is adorable, so is the jewelry and the headband, and the candy was delicious.  You guys are the best!  Love you!  Have a good week

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