Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!   Pretty cool that it falls on a P-day.  And a transfer P-day at that.  Which brings me to the transfer topic, which I know you're all just on the edge of your seats about.  Well buckle up:  I am still in Jacinto City and my companion is . . . Hna. Gibson!  With Elder Gardner as distric leader and his companion is Elder Archuletta...so yeah.  We all stayed.  Pretty boring huh?  well, not so fast.  Me and Hermana Gibson did some quick calculating and based on where everyone is at right now we're about 85% sure that we are going to die together!  There are two areas that neither of us have been in: Baytown and Pecan Park.  But Hna. Keele is going to be training in Baytown (usually that means they're there for two) and Hna. Warner is in Pecan Park and just got there.  Since we've both been companions with her...we figure he's letting us die in style.  together.  in jacinto city.  But anyways.  Who's thinking about dying anyways?  not us! haha.
So last night we said goodbye to Hermana Cannon and Elder Rindfleisch.  Ouch.  OUCH!  They came to our chapel to perform in our musical fireside so we got to hear them play (both) and sing (elder r.) one more time.  Those are two talented people.  Elder Rindfleisch asked if he could do anything for us when he got home and I told him to just give you guys a call.  So be watching for it. haha.  his name is Andrew.  He is one of my favorite people that I've ever met.  haha I told Hna. Gibson that he's such a good guy, if he were to get down on one knee and ask us to MARRY him, we would have to say yes!  hahaha.  He is that neat.  Fortunately, he doesn't have any plans to kneel in front of either of us.  
But as for the musical fireside, it went great!  it was really sosoooo pretty.  We had about eight different musical numbers with people reading paragraphs in between about faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.  (with subtle piano music in the background while they read.)  it worked PERFECTLY!  A few of the numbers came together literally seconds before we performed them, since half of the performers live in a different zone than we do... haha but it was great!  We had a great turn out, which was my biggest worry...and our branch president LOVED it.  President and Sister Moldenhauer came with the APs and they all loved it as well.  In fact, Sister Moldenhauer liked it so much that she asked us to perform one of the numbers for the visiting authority, Elder Gavarett who is coming in March!
So the other day we didn't have a dinner appointment, which is pretty rare for us.  I decided to actually cook something!  I made that vegetable dish that you gave me the recipe for Mom (the one you just learned how to make and you made for dinner group).  Hermana Gibson loved it.  In fact, I think she said that it had been "many a year since she had seen such an exemplary vegetable."  She's a quoter like that. hahah i love her. 
We had a baptism this week in our branch for an investigator that the elders have been working with for FOREVER.  It was exciting to see him finally go under the water!  and his whole family came to support him and they left asking for visits from the missionaries, so that's what we like to hear!  Let me tell you something about Felipe, our newest member:  He is a really really REALLY big guy.  Nicest man you'll ever meet.  Glowing about the fact that he got baptized.  But HUGE guy.  (I could insert a you've got mail quote here, but i won't...but mom.  you know what i'm thinking. hahaha!)  Anyways, we don't care about that.  Elder Archuletta brought some white clothes just in case, and when it came right down to it, the Brother who was baptizing him really did need help!  so that was a two man job.  haha Hermana Gibson was laughing because when our converts are really really big like that, we have to borrow the XXXXXL jumpsuit from the temple.  Turns out, Hermana Gibson has borrowed that jumpsuit for ALL of her converts except one!  hahahahhahaha.  I don't know what it is, but she just finds big people. 
Oh mom, while i'm thinking about it, I've been meaning to ask you to send me something:  I have a picture that I took when I was in Washington DC of the smithsonian castle.  It is the brown castle-looking building on the mall.  The rest of the buildings are white, you can't miss this one.  But could you print whatever photos i have of that building out and send them to me?  I know it's kinda weird but there is an hermana in this ward that feeds us dinner every sunday and she served a mission in Washington DC.  I was asking her which was her favorite monument and she said that building, but she was all bummed because she never did get a picture of it. haha i thought that would be an easy dream to make come true.  thanks for helping me out!  She is amazing. 
Alright...that's all for now.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA ON FRIDAY!  hope you guys do something fun.  let me know if you ended up going to hna. cannon's homecoming or not.  I'm sorry your plans for bear lake weren't really working out.  Have a good week!  thanks for your letters as always!

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