Wednesday, February 3, 2010

JW's. My favorite.

Helllllllllllllllooooooooo la la la:

Sorry, I had to. It’s kinda hard to address these weekly e-mails since I don’t really know who I’m writing to specifically but oh well. Hello family. Hello blog. Hello cyberspace. (hello void – name that movie! Or is it goodnight void? I can’t remember! Ahhh I’m losing my movie quotes. Soon I’ll be quoting “the restoration” movie to y’all. Watch out)

Good week this week. Last week of the transfer. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t see any baptisms this transfer – but we made some definite progress so that’s a good thing. This past Sunday we had some investigators come to church that I never dreamt I’d see in a chapel! Number one on the list is Martha, (the one who got beat up) and I couldn’t be happier – Thank Goodness! (name that one)She is currently living with a friend but we’re still teaching her and amy (her daughter) and she’s been coming with us on Monday nights when we go to eat at Hna. Zeniths house so we’ve been doing family home evenings with them too. I think they’re going to start coming to mutual/piano class on Wednesdays so that will help too. Last night we watched Finding Faith in Christ with them and they loved it and Martha told us she wants to get baptized and that she’s drinking less coffee. She will get there! Her life is changing and you can see it on her face. It’s so crazy.

As for yours truly, I’m on a diet. I know. I know. I’ve been trying to hide it but I can’t fight this feeling anymore. I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for. It’s time to bring this ship into the shore, and throw away the oars forever. In other words – I’m not buying food ever. Again. Haha but actually that’s a lie because right after this we’re going to walmart to stock up for the week. (or at least as much as we can on fifteen bucks because that’s what I’ve got left in my billionaire missionary account since it’s the last week of the month) Lately I’ve started eating these rice puff things instead of chips in a vague attempt to be healthier. It’s kindof like eating packaging peanuts with spices but as long as my jaw goes up and down and I swallow, I feel better than not eating anything. Haha.

This is a sad week for me. Our district leader, Elder Trappet, is going home, and you’d think I was his long lost twin or something with the way I’m mourning over it. I’m seriously having a hard time with him leaving the field! Haha. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! That’s the thing, it’s just hard for me, personally. I don’t’ know. We’re just good friends, and I think he was basically my trainer since Hna. Flores left so soon after I got here. I ask him everything. Literally. And he lets me talk, unlike every other elder in the field I’m afraid! But it should be exciting to see who our new district leader is. I think Hermana Hansen and I are both pretty much guaranteed to be staying in Pasadena for at least one more transfer. Which is good. I don’t’ ever want to leave Pasadena!

Interesting contact story for the week: We went to teach a woman yesterday morning but she totally stood us up (can you believe that? Who does that? Oh wait. About 98% of the people we meet. That’s why we like to use the “sneak attack” tactic, and just drop by randomly a few days later. Works every time. Kinda like the bend and snap. But kinda not. We also use the “knock until the person you can see through the screen door, who is sitting on the couch watching tv, gets annoyed enough to actually come get the door” tactic, which is also nice, but not as conducive to bringing the spirit.) anyways, on our way back to the car, we contacted a nice looking black man on a bike. He pulled over his bike by dragging his tennis shoe on the ground and no doubt experiencing quite a bit of warmth on the bottom of his foot, and asked us to teach him. Awesome right? Wrong. Two words: jehovah’s witness. Aka, thinks Heavenly Father’s name is Jehovah and that if we call him anything else, we’re from the devil. Also doesn’t believe in the eternal soul, but thinks we’re some sort of piece of god’s spirit (god IS a spirit to them) and that when we die we just re-absorb. Kinda like dwight’s twin tissues. Anyways, an hour later, after he tried to convince us that our preacher is wrong we finished getting in the car and drove off. I hate talking to them more than anything. The whole time my leetle heart just beats soooo fast and my legs get all jello-y. (that’s Spanish for mushy) They know their bible backwards and forwards, they just don’t get what any of it means. But I did trip him up for a second this time. He was quoting a part where Jesus cries to his father and so I asked him “what did Jesus call God?” and he said “father” and I said, that’s right. What do you call your parents? And he said “mom and dad” and I said that’s right. We address God as our Heavenly Father. Knowing his specific name doesn’t matter as much as knowing the relationship that exists between us – father and child. But he just said something about offending God when you don’t call him by his name, which I thought was a pretty weak comeback. Anyways. There you go. JWs.

Other than that, I was just amused once again this week by all the people we meet who are too busy to talk to us. How is “obtain eternal salvation” not at the top of your to-do list? what? No. I don’t’have time for that. I can’t – have you SEEN my desk? These people are BUSY. B.U.S.Y. hahaahahaha. They should be pushing and shoving to get into that baptismal font but. . . we can’t force them. Everyone up. Push and shove. Rush the gate. Hurry. Hurry little piggy. Oink, oink oink!

Okay I’m getting rusty. And fat. But you’re fine. I love you all thanks for the letters, hope all is well on Briarcreek Dr. (and solar circle sorry hanskie panks. But maybe if your HUSBAND would write me a LETTER. . . with my husband. . . with my boyfriend. . . with my companion. . . with my by myself. . .)

love love love
-Becca Bo Becca

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