Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hermana Harry Potter...What?

Family dearest;

Is everyone wide awake and sitting down? Good because I’ve got NEWS FOR YOU. I’m being transferred!!!!!! What? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Here’s the story:

Last Friday we had interviews with President. I had a few things I wanted to talk to him about and so I got in the room with him and started talking and he didn’t really give me any advice, he just wanted me to keep talking so I said a few more things and then he asked about my companionship. I said it was going great- that we had really different paces but it had just been a little give a little take and that we got along great. He nodded and then said, (and I’ll never forget it) “Hermana Tingey, the Lord has revealed another big change in your life. You’re going to be white-wash training this next transfer.” I just sat there in shock for a second and then it hit me and he asked if I had any questions then he laughed and said he just wouldn’t tell me where I was going. Then he showed me a picture of my new greenie, Hermana Harry. Yes, Harry. Like potter. Haha and yes, I’ve said it in an English accent a million times since then. (by the way, white- wash means I’m going into an area where Elders were serving this past transfer so neither me nor my companion know the area AT ALL. Or the members. Or where we live. Or how to get there. Or where the post office is. Or who our investigators are. ) I’m going tonight to Kingwood to pick up Harry. (okay sorry, Hermana harry) and I’m about to wet my pants I’m so dang nervous!

I’ve been told the area is amazing though, and supposedly it’s on fire right now. The elders that just left said there are between 5 and 12 investigators within a month of being baptized so that is really exciting. But I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda scared that I’m going to ruin it! Haha. I just really don’t know what I’m doing. And now I’m wondering if President knows what HE’S doing. Haha. My new district leader called me and asked how long I’ve been in the field and then he said “what’s President trying to do, kill you?” yeah. My thoughts exactly. Haha. Then the zone leaders told me that all the zone leaders have known this was going to happen for the last couple months! WHAT?! I told him, “how could you just let me walk around happy as a lark with that DOOMSDAY hanging over my head and never even WARN me?!” but he just laughed.

So that’s the big drama. Missionary-style. But I’m going to miss my little Pasadena apartment and my cute piano student and my four investigators getting baptized this month. (that’s right! Martha and Amy have a baptismal date for the 27th and Carmen and Alberto for the 20th) And I’m going to miss Hermana Hansen too. I’ve been sleeping on the couch the last couple nights because her new companion, Hermana Lealaisalanoa (say that five times fast!) got here on Monday when everyone else transfers (only the greenies come on Wed.) So basically I’ve felt like the awkward third wheel for the last couple days (but I’m used to it because of all the time I’ve spent with Sarah and John I guess) and I totally miss Elder Trappett. He’s flying home today! Probably on the plane right now. I bet he’s dying.

Anyways, the other day we went to visit Carmen and Alberto and I don’t know how but we got on the subject of Chinese people- I think we were talking about languages because they’re learning English- but Alberto pulled his eyes out and made some comment about “how can they see?” and I was laughing so hard to see a mexican make fun of someone about their race! It was just ironic seeing as I’ve made fun of Mexicans since the day I was born. I guess what goes around comes around. Haha. Then he asked me if I knew how Chinese people name their kids and I said no and he said they throw a fork on the ground and it goes “ping-pong!” and I thought “my best friends name was Ping. Then again, he DID steal my girlfriend…” “I’ve got a name, and it’s a boy’s name too!” But we were all laughing way hard. That night, Hermana Hansen and I couldn’t sleep because we got laughing about it again. She said “cow dung” because it sounded like Chinese and then she asked how you’d say that in Spanish and we realized it would be “vaca kaca” (sounds like bucka kucka) kucka, like something that is gross. I hope you guys are getting this because I really came close to wetting the bed I was laughing so hard. Maybe it’s just not funny. Haha. But I enjoyed it. Especially when I realized that Tingey sounds like Chinese. Haha.

Okay and I’m having trouble focusing because all I can think about is the Boy Who Lived! (wingardium leviosa!) sorry if this e-mail is all over the map. (what map, I dunno the one that I’m going to be staring at TWENTY FOUR SEVEN this next transfer) And Meg, if you’re reading this, here in the mission when you get a greenie we call you a mom, so basically right now I’m expecting my baby ‘Los ) And mom, you never should have joked about me being pregnant. Here she comes, and it’s a girl! (a girl named harry, and I just called her ‘’los. You’re all fine) After this we’re going grocery shopping and then taking my bags to my new apartment that we don’t know how to get to and we’ll see how bad it is after having elders living there. Do you realize what this means? Jessica, it would be like you having to move into Spencer’s bedroom. I asked them if it smelled like men in suits but they didn’t get what I meant. Haha. They just told me the left a lot of ties for us. Thanks elders.

But here’s my new address:

7950 Bellfort Apts. #75
Houston, TX 77061

I love you all to death and I hope I survive this next transfer – pray for me and pray for Harry! (who is disappointingly not Hairy.) She actually looks way cute (yeah mom, she’s skinny. Let’s hope she runs because otherwise she’s going to have a fat trainer) Wish me the best of luck! Hope all is well on Briarcreek Drive.

Love love love

Becca Potter. I wish. Harry is pretty attractive. Not my harry. The real harry. The un-hairy, English speaking actor. What’? I dunno. Someone’s throwin stuff. And guess what, I can’t remember what movie this is from _”(lipsmack sound) little bit” SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME! IT’S KILLING ME.

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