Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey There Y'all...

Hey there y’all:

So I had no idea how well my “Reading Rainbow” comment was going to go over, especially given that I got it WRONG. It’s “We’ll see you next time.” And I said “next week.” False. I’m not Jamall. Whatever his name is. That’s the thing. He’s collard. And that’s not fair, you don’t call them collard people!

So we had transfers and this one was the first where nothing happened to me. (we lost elder seeberger though, so peter should be happy.) But I’m stickin with my Harry Baby and guess what… the baby was unnaturally…GREEN! Hahaha I wish I would have thought of that last transfer. I laughed and laughed when it came to me and Hermana Harry didn’t think it was funny at all. Humph. Somebody write me and tell me how funny I am. Haha k thanks love you all.

So last night we were eating dinner in our apartment (Hermana Martinez dropped it off for us because she couldn’t have us over to her place that night) and by the way that makes me think of something I’ve been meaning to laugh about: every ward we go to is made up of the same members! Familia Martinez, Familia Gomez, Familia Gonzalez, Familia Ramirez, Familia Flores…the list continues. You move wards and they change faces but the name remains! Anyways back to my story. We were eating dinner and a guy came knocking the door, trying to sell us Comcast. I had to laugh at the poor guy. We told him we weren’t interested but then he asked if he could get us cable. WE said we weren’t allowed to watch tv. Then he asked if he could get us an internet connection. We said we weren’t allowed to get online, or use computers. Then he asked if we wanted cell phones. We said we weren’t allowed to have one that wasn’t provided through our church. Then he asked if we wanted a landline. We told him we weren’t allowed. Haha. He finally just gave up so we gave him a pass along card and shared a little bit. That’s the first time I’ve seen a salesman with absolutely NOTHING to say. (p.s. speaking of salesmen, john if you want you can send us some home pro carpet spotter. We’re dying out here with all the bike grease stains. And yes, I’ve totally repented of all the grief I gave you about it.)

Okay here’s the investigator update, so all of you who are the type of readers that I was before the mission can just skip this paragraph, but give me a break, that’s all I have going on in my life right now! Thanks. So maximiliano came to church again! Here’s the scoop: his wife is wayyyyyy sick with this skin disease that is terribly painful so the other day we were talking about priesthood blessing and she asked for one so ran and got the elders and they were able to give her a really nice blessing. Max felt the spirit way strong and started talking about baptism so we committed him right there. He said he feels like that is a big step and he’s not sure he’s ready but he’s preparing for March 27th. I think he’ll be ready. He’s loving the church. The members have really taken him under their wings and they’re going to help him get a job I think! Plus, his wife has been doing a lot better since the blessing.

The two teenage girls dropped off the face of the planet this week. Spring break. They went to Brownsville, so no news about them. (Brownsville is on the border…sketch!)

My two new favorite people are named Jose and Alvaro and they are brothers from el salvador. We talked to them last night unplanned, because they usually work late but since it rained yesterday they couldn’t work. So they were home when we went walking by and we started talking and they started asking all kinds of awesome questions and loved our answers and they told us to bring more time with us on Sunday so we can get to all their questions (it was late last night so we had to leave) (I don’t know how to translate “bring more time” sorry if that doesn’t make sense.) This is the guy that called out randomly to us from his balcony if he could get a book of mormon. Love them. They’re funny- we all joke around a lot. Except not alvaro. He’s very serious. And he’s saving up all his money so he can afford nice clothes to wear to church! I can’t wait to see what happens with them.

Hermana Harry and I made terrible tasting fruit smoothies this morning. Mom, I need you! Haha. But this afternoon we’re going to a member’s house and she’s going to show us how to make tamales, which I know you all LOVE (sarcasm drips) but I really do because I’m Hispanic at heart and I’m on a mission where they eat that so I HAVE to love it, right? But seriously. I liked them even way back when Dad’s Roundy workers would make them for us. So I’m way excited. She already taught us how to make chocoflan and I KNOW you’re all going to love that when I get back. And I’m also getting up a half hour early to run! Except now with daylight savings I don’t think it’s going to work. Hermana Harry is scared of the Park we go to when it’s dark. IT is kinda ghettho but there’s always people exercising there so we'll see...

Anyways, I’m not saying anything worth saying anymore so I’m going to end this week’s e-mail. Hope everyone is safe and sound and treasuring up little tidbits they can share with me when they write their next letter. Believe me, no one would think your manners to be rehearsed!

Hermana Becca

p.s. until next time… (cheesy music sounds) READING RAINBOW!

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