Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don Jew Lob Bicycles?

Hey everyone:

It was so much fun to talk to you guys on Christmas! I know I know, I'm weirdo goober, lilt-in-the-voice missionary now. Quit judging me sarah! haha jk. That was crazy for me! Next time, I'm not going to do so much talking. I want to know what you're all up to!

This past week marks a new chapter in the Becca-as-a-missionary experience. I got a bike! And we rode it! haha. I took the ugliest picture you've ever seen (and you'll probably never see it because my face looks fat - it's hard when you have a helmet strap cutting into your double-chin!) with my helmet and my bike and my skirt. What an experience! I can't help but laugh at us as we ride along. We've got nylons on, skirts flying up to show more than a little thigh, and fat grandma ankles pedaling wildly in our orthopedic shoes. (is orthopedic the right word? substitute the correct one, if not) I finally couldn't help myself any longer and I started humming the wicked witch of the west theme song to my companion. Something about biking in a long black skirt that brought that to mind...too bad she doesn't wear a helmet. But I actually really enjoy riding. It's good to get the blood pumping.

Christmas was really fun here in the mission field. I have so much candy in my apartment right now! Thanks so much. And Jessica/MaryJane: those headbands are the cutest things I've ever seen. I'm so spoiled!

My companion and I get along really well. We're pretty different, but both pretty easy-going so it works out. Our biggest difference is probably our life-living pace. She likes to live life at a very slow pace, and I'm pretty much living on fast forward. So that has been a huge adjustment for me and frustrating a little bit at times. But it has been good for me too. She's helping me not die of a heart-attack or something from pushing it too hard out here. And she's very complimentary all the time and positive, which I really appreciate.

The language is. . . coming. I had my first experience translating last night! The recent convert we were teaching asked us to stay and translate for him because some guy came to collect money from him. It was so weird! I was so dumb because at first I turned to the recent convert and started repeating what the store guy had said in english again! haha I felt pretty stupid but then I figured it out. I just felt so silly repeating such simple phrases. I felt like they could understand the other language and I was just being redundant. I don't think my bilinguality has hit me yet. (yes, that's a word now)

Well a mission has ups and downs and I think I had one of the most traumatic experiences of my life this week. Our investigator Martha and her daughter Amy didn't show up for church. I was pretty disappointed because I had arranged a ride for them with a member and everything (and when you're trying to do that in spanish, it's a huge effort, believe me. ) but Martha called us after church and she told me that her boyfriend had hit her and she was embarrassed because her face was ugly. Then she started bawling on the phone and saying a bunch of stuff that I couldn't understand but I got that she wanted us to come visit her so I took a Sister from the ward because I wanted to make sure we could communicate clearly. When she walked out of her bedroom I just about fell to the floor. I've never seen anything like that. Her face was black and blue and she had huge bruises going across her throat and up and down her arms, hands, and legs. Her boyfriend didn't just hit her, he just about killed her. She was hospitalized and everything. I couldn't even look at her without wanting to throw up at the thought that someone could do that to someone else. I'm so grateful for the men in my life! I'm so glad that I trust them, and that they protect me. I've never really thought about it but that is a huge blessing. And I think it was also a huge blessing that I brought the sister that I did. She was awesome and did most of the talking for us. I was pretty much at a loss for words. She told us after that she's never seen domestic violence that bad. ugh. Maybe I shouldn't write about it - I don't like thinking about it. The good thing is, she said she knew we would bring her peace. And I think we did. Hopefully with him gone she will be able to progress faster.

Anyways, Horacio is doing awesome and trying to study a lot so he'll be prepared for the Priesthood. I think he's a little overwhelmed at that thought. He'll be great. You could add Marisol to your prayers. She's all of a sudden progressing really quickly. She's single and her kids are in Honduras? or El Salvador I can't remember. But she used to be battling with depression until she started coming to church with us. She's made a lot of friends and she knows she's on the right "camino" (everyone uses that phrase here. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh. it just seems overly-dramatic to my english brain.) But I hope she realizes that this is the ONLY right camino.

I hope you are all safe and enjoying your Christmas vacation and you should all make lots of noise for me on New Years! (I told my companion we were going to stay up for it and she said not a chance and I actually agree with her. I'm so tired all the time! haha not worth it.)

I love love LOVE you all!

love Becca

p.s. nobody asked me to speak any spanish on the phone. What is this? Don jew guys lob my language or notteeng? Dis leetle guy right here. He is. . . (not appropriate for missionary e-mail). haha love you!

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